NZGamer: LittleBigPlanet: Hands On

NZGamer writes: "Apart from the Xbox Live Arcade title Braid, there are very few platform games that are capable of holding my attention these days. Sort of like a hyperactive kid being fed sugar sachets from McDonalds and then told to sit down and solve a quadratic equation. However, Little Big Planet was the exact opposite and proved to be almost impossible to put down. Constantly tempting you to play level after level… it was like a strip-tease. You have to see more and you're willing to do anything to get there."

The Good: Hours of dress-up fun, unlimited scope and interactivity

The Bad: Unnecessary and slightly unappealing storyline

The Ugly: Transsexual ballerinas with Mexican moustaches and clown feet

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Internet Trolling Ex3688d ago

Sounds like another successful playstation 3 exclusive

eric1003688d ago

"There is little question that Little Big Planet is going to be huge when it gets released on the 24th October. It will cater to both casual gamers, first-time players and even to some of the serious gamers out there who want a refreshing break from the usual. Some people may be concerned that a game that once looked like a downloadable title is now retailing for the full price on disc – but the amount of playability and customisation is sure to silence the disbelievers. We haven’t even mentioned the level editor yet – which basically opens up a whole online community that can build and share their creations with the world. One chap, who obviously has way too much time on his hands recently created a working calculator, capable of doing simple addition and subtraction! Using only strings, cogs and levers you can imagine how long this must have taken him – but the point is that the possibilities are limitless in Little Big Planet. Get ready to let your imagination run loose this month."

Genesis53688d ago

It's getting contagious. Get ready for a pandemic of Littlebigplanet fever.

crazy250003687d ago

been busy with school and work....cant wait till the full version