You Have Radiohead in My LittleBigPlanet

GOONL!NE: "The beta maybe ending tonight but we can still tell some news from it…or rather tell you a level which is seriously full of win in my book anyways.

Someone has only gone and created a level in LittleBigPlanet based on the song No Surprises by my favourite band, Radiohead from their 1997 album, OK Computer."

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PirateThom3686d ago

Someone needs to make Wolf at the Door next.

PirateThom3685d ago

Some community based effort to remake all of OK Computer then. :P

Johnny Cullen3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Something tells me Exit Music and The Tourist would really kick my interests XD

Or we could remake Kid A XD

PirateThom3685d ago

I'm thinking anything with a heavy bassline like Climbing up the Walls or The National Anthem would be the most effective.

Meaning both Kid A and OK Computer have to both be done in their entirety. There's no escaping it, really. It's inevitable.

Johnny Cullen3685d ago

National Anthem, now your talking my langugage!

Although if you want any other Radiohead song which has a signifigent bassline, you'd need to move away from Kid A or OK Computer and go into In Rainbows with Nude or Up on the Ladder, especially Nude.

PirateThom3685d ago

This is going to just result in an entire discography being done, you know. Every other level in LittleBigPlanet is going to be a Radiohead song. It'll be awesome. :P

Johnny Cullen3685d ago

Yeah, you can pretty much assure there will be someone who does Everything in it's Right Place at least XD

reckoner3685d ago

I would love to challenge someone to make Paranoid Android.

Or Just.

or...Reckoner? Haha

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aiphanes3685d ago

Dang you are so funny...I am still laughing...

Grassroots3685d ago

um far from it... get a taste of real music.

Harry1903685d ago

a creepy 'There There' level. Unfortuantely, I have no clue on how to make musical levels.

Johnny Cullen3685d ago

There, There, good man!

My favourite Hail to the Thief song, behind Where I End and You Begin XD

ZombieNinjaPanda3685d ago

That you can make music in this game!

Now I gotta figure out how to , and make some of the most complicated songs become reality.

Grassroots3685d ago

I was really sad, got home from work, saw this fired up my ps3, and missed the beta by 10 minutes. Darn.

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