How Did Fortnite Battle Royale Become too Big to Fail

After Epic Games closed down Paragon to shift towards Fortnite Battle Royale. Many saw this as Epic putting too many eggs into the Battle Royale basket, chasing after PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds success. But, after last weekend's report of over 3.5 million concurrent players. With Fortnite rocking the top charts week in, week out. Its easy to see the game has a good future. But, how did it get there?

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nintendoswitchfan313d ago

I love fortnite. play that a lot with my brother. it's a blast!

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Avengerz43313d ago

The battle Royale system is the future in PvP gaming. And the PuBG vs Fortnight battle will be like the CoD vs Battlefield FPS war. But give credit where credit is due PuBG started it

porkChop313d ago

PUBG didn't start it. There were multiple battle royale style games before PUBG. PUBG did it better than anything that came before, but it didn't start this genre.

XbladeTeddy313d ago

I would give DayZ credit for starting it all off.

Timesplitter14312d ago

Agreed. PUBG's creator mentionned DayZ as his main influence too

GameBoyColor312d ago

didnt a mod for arma start it all? even then pubg was nowhere close to the game that started it lol

TheLeapist312d ago

I don't know when that was, but I played minecraft hunger games way back in like 09-10 which was almost exactly battle royale

Artemidorus312d ago

Pretty sure Day Z started as an idea online then a mod then a game

3-4-5312d ago

ARMA 3 mod had this 2+ years ago.

Bladesfist312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

The Arma 2 / 3 mods were made by Brendan Greene who later went on to consult on Sony's (which soon after became Daybreak) battle royale game (H1Z1) and later went on to work on PubG. Fortnite is the biggest non Brendan Greene battle royale game.

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Legacy212313d ago

It got there by copying and pasting pubg and making slight alterations lol

neocores8055312d ago

SLight Alterations?? LOL the building alone sets fortnite away from PUBG

GameBoyColor312d ago

pubg ripped off of h1z1 with slight alterations

TheLeapist312d ago

The expression "too big to fail" makes literally zero sense in this context.

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