Are Games Getting Dumber?

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clinker3689d ago

I think the breadcrumb trail in Fable 2 is a bad idea, and its a good thing that you can turn it off while playing. Exploration is most of the fun in games for me.

LastDance3688d ago

assassins creed praised for its storytelling?? oh my.

I actually felt my brain getting dumber as i played that game.

Internet Trolling Ex3689d ago

Don't look at me,I didn't buy the dumbox 3fixme

clinker3689d ago

OK, I'll bite. Assassin's creed is one of the offending games mentioned in the article, and it was released on BOTH the 360 and PS3. You will have to do a little bit better than that if you are going to be called an "Expert" lol.

Ps3Fanboy7773689d ago

LMAO.. Never heard that one... My 360 with HDMI currently sounds like it chews the game disc when playing... Im on #4 though so unless it blows up im tired of returning.

Pain3689d ago

Yes Only the M$ fans..

Like really how dumb do u have to be to support the Sh!T?... <- Like really ??? that Retarded? geez..

.just kill your self's and save humanity from your DNA .

Harri44443689d ago

they are helping the player out more so their is not a very high learning curve and people who have never played video games before are not intimidated

micro_invader3689d ago

Agreed, games are more casual these days. So I guess, as you said, developers are dumbing them down to introduce a wider audience.

I mean, look at the wii.

nice_cuppa3689d ago

its not rocket science !

sheesh !

Elimin83689d ago

Really feel you on that

nice_cuppa3689d ago

that would just be pathetic ............ oh........ wait...........

Ps3Fanboy7773689d ago

Then that makes you? N4G is lame anyways

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The story is too old to be commented.