Sea of Thieves Gets New Trailer Showcasing the Lore Behind the Game and a Gorgeous World

A new trailer of Rare's Sea of Thieves explores the lore of the game, alongside its charming painterly world and rather peculiar characters.

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SublimeStylee2311d ago

Honestly looks extremely boring. Looks like the game was made for 8 year olds.

lxeasy311d ago

I've played it, and I could say I was never bored.

mark_parch311d ago

@Ixeasy agree I've put at least 30 hours in over the alpha and beta sessions and have never got bored

spicelicka311d ago

That's always been Rare's style.

Professor_K311d ago

Doubtfull, 8 year olds wouldn't be old enough to enjoy this game. They would rather enjoy simple games like cod.

mark_parch311d ago

Professor_K I think sea of thieves is a game for all ages.

Godmars290311d ago

Its a game who's entertainment value is what's put into it. Is based on group participation.

BenRoxio310d ago

A lot of people are judging it based on what it is not. It's not a regular single player style campaign game.

Godmars290310d ago

Then how have I judged or described it by what its not?

RobLoPR310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Looks can be deceiving

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corroios311d ago

The game seems very, very funny, but the graphics arent it main point, much less Gorgeous World. The water effects are cool and being cartony is funny.

mark_parch311d ago

the water looks stunning especially during sunset

bluefox755311d ago

Still pretty skeptical, looks like it would get repetitive pretty quickly. Hopefully they do an open beta soon so I can see for myself.

mark_parch311d ago

after playing the alpha and beta I think there's plenty of content for the first few months but I think they will need to add more stuff to keep the bulk of people interested which I'm sure they will.

fenome311d ago

I think they said there was going to be an open beta.

mark_parch311d ago

fenome They haven't said that but somebody data hacked the latest build and it hinted at an open beta, more npc characters, more animations and best of all the kracken

fenome310d ago

Oh, that's what it was, I wasn't sure. Thanks

goatking311d ago

This game looks like a 20$ indie game lol.

SublimeStylee2311d ago

Lol that's how I feel. Looks like a free to play game. I expect terrible reviews and a huge flop. I'll check in down the road to see if I'm wrong. People get so upset over opinions. Game could end up being a masterpiece for all I know. This is only my opinion on what I've personally seen. Just my opinion doesn't make it the truth.

Cyborgg311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

I feel the same way. I'm more interested in the cancelled Scalebound. Scalebound could have been so Epic. Oh well.

SublimeStylee2311d ago

Yup 100% agree, makes no sense why they would cancel that.

Legacy212311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Scale bound got torn to shreds. The media and message boards tore the game apart before it even released. I remember seeing the comment section on n4g when I was reading articles and people were talking so much s*** about it. Then after it got cancelled all of a sudden everyone was super excited for scale bound. I personally really wanted to play it and was pretty upset it got cancelled. Anyways back on topic. Sea of thieves has alot more content,better graphics and alot more systems in place to just make it a $20 indie game. I played it with friends and we loved It haven't laughed that hard while playing in a while. While I do think there is concern for content and how full the world is I did end up watching alot of videos after the beta and learned a lot about the game. Things such as under water life and island life. Underwater ruins and artifacts. There's more than 1 enemy type. There's s kraken. The people who give you quests In sea of thieves get rotated out for new ones etc. I'm excited for this game and hope it doesn't flop. It being available on game pass should help it's player base and the game always seems to go on sale for 39.99 here in Canada so ya:)

Atanasrikard311d ago

The graphics are actually quite stunning. I guess cartoony graphics aren't for you, which rules out probably at least 50% of all video games for you. Most of the time I personally enjoy cartoony graphics more often. Cartoony graphics hold up better as graphics improve and I think it gives developers freedom to create the game as they imagine it.

combatcash311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

I agree with you. Yes, the graphics are cartoony but everything is highly detailed. They have created a very beautiful world. Can't wait to get my hands on this game. I hope people on this site don't get discouraged by the negative comments this site. TBH that majority of users on N4G are ps4 fanboys and don't want to see successful games release on Xbox. Besides with the success of games like fortnite which looks inferior graphically to this game, it's clear the visuals are not the most important on either console

Atticus_finch310d ago

More like a free to play title. At least Microsoft acknowledges this and let's you play it for $10

hercules_310d ago

obviously they want people to get addicted and keep subscribing long term and also buy in-game stuff.

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syphon32311d ago

a lot of hype for this game.. but whats the draw? What's the thing about this game that's gonna make me shell out $59 plus tax

Dlacy13g311d ago

And fairplay, it may not be a game for you. Your $59 may be better spent elsewhere.... And that is the beauty of choice and having lots of games from all different types of devs/publishers to play. This is a unique take on a pirate game. Ubisoft has a pirate ship game coming later this year, maybe save your $59 for that? I can say there was a very rewarding feeling when I was able to find a burried treasure on an island I had to navigate to and use a map to find. Will that alone be enough? No certainly there will need to be more reward like perks to unlock and progress toward but I have a feeling that is yet to be really shown.

mark_parch311d ago

Try it for $10 on game pass to see if you enjoy it

Atanasrikard311d ago

What's the draw of Quantam Break? What's the draw of Horizon: Zero Dawn? What's the draw of Super Mario Odyssey?

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