Activision Blizzard Made More Money From Microtransactions Than Game Sales In 2017

Activision Blizzard made more revenues from microtransactions than actually selling video games in 2017.

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Nitrowolf2310d ago

As much as people hate them unfortunately they're here to stay because of success like this.

Brian7655492310d ago

True and we will continue to see them test the market as to what is and what isn't acceptable. I see a continuous trend of less games being made and the ones that are being released will become games as a service to keep players playing longer. Prime example is GTA V.

UltraNova310d ago

News like this can really show us the future. MTs making more money than actual game sales...a practice that requires far less money to develop than actual games/content is the best thing that could happen for publishers. Now they've tasted blood, there's no going back. They will double down on MTs so hard in ways we cannot even fathom yet.

Prepare to get milked.

310d ago
PapaBop309d ago

On the bright side, gaas only works with good games people enjoy enough to keep going back to. It's still a worrying trend however as long as the likes of Sony and Nintendo keep their focus on quality single player experiences, I can live with the big publishers doing their gaas stuff, most of their games no longer interest me anyway.

Palitera309d ago

^ On the dark side of the bright side, skinner boxes make people return and get addicted. And it is not good game design. And it is used everywhere.

fiveby9309d ago

MT's in a f2p game. Understood. MT's in a game one already paid retatil price for to play? Not good. But apparently it's true what PT Barnum said, there's a sucker born every minute.

indyman7777309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

There here to stay says the defeated person. READ THE ARTICLE!!!

SECRETLY talking about CANDY CRUSH!!!

This money came from CANDY crush! People on N4G are assuming your talking about hardcore games!

To be fair, about $2 billion of the revenue from microtransactions came from King, maker of popular games on Facebook and mobile devices such as Candy Crush Saga and Shuffle Cats.

indyman7777309d ago

This articles title is not telling you what it es even talking about when it comes to money.


"To be fair, about $2 billion of the revenue from microtransactions came from King, maker of popular games on Facebook and mobile devices such as Candy Crush Saga and Shuffle Cats."

letsa_go309d ago

@indyman77, you're right! It is all the women casuals (50% of the market!) playing candy crush on facebook that is fueling GAAS. Whatever, I avoid those "games" anyway. They can pursue that market, nickel and dime them to death! Just keep it out of our console games and we're good.

fiveby9309d ago

Well at least a little solace that most of the revenue comes from the King division which produces Candy Crush. I still find it amazing that people spend anything on such mobile games. But it is clear some AAA publishers would like to add MT systems to their major AAA titles. Hopefully, the consumers who buy AAA games will reject this business model by not purchasing the games at all. I stayed away from Shadow of War, Star Wars BF2, and Forza 7.

ULTp0ltergeist309d ago

I think what gamers value the most today is the time spent on a game and some of these multiplayer-online games require a ton of grinding and I think that's what is taking precedence in the market today. They see more value in games that you can continuously play than a one-time payment of a limited experience in single-player games. So I think that's what major publishers are seeing too and probably for years now. I blame WoW and LoL. lol

kreate309d ago

I refuse to be milked.

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S2Killinit310d ago

yup this is terrible news...

indyman7777309d ago

The article is talking about CANDY CRUSH. I can deal with candy crush making 2 billion dollars.

"To be fair, about $2 billion of the revenue from microtransactions came from King, maker of popular games on Facebook and mobile devices such as Candy Crush Saga and Shuffle Cats."

TheOttomatic91310d ago

Are they? The success of Activision MT’s are very few in number if devs force them in games like EA did with Battlefront 2 I can assure you they will lose more money than they gain

UltraNova310d ago

I'm sorry but you (myself and others) are fighting a lost battle here. EA, MS and Activision will not back down on MTs. Its only time everyone else joins them. We need to get it through our heads and decide what to do, either we pay for a base game that its designed to be unfinished in order to entice further spending on MTs or we need to find another way to survive the impending future. Those who can afford to.spend tons of money and dont care how they spend it are ok O guess, the rest...well we're screwed.

TheOttomatic91310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

@UltraNova really? Remember online passes and mobile games/facebook games being the future of gaming? No? That's because they all failed once gamers wised up the same will happen to GaaS games and microtransactions

yomfweeee309d ago

Otto, if you read the article... you'd have read that $2 billion of that revenue came from mobile, so you're wrong about people wising up to spending on mobile gamss.

indyman7777309d ago

@UltraNova Are you a sellout? Why are you here preaching that we are defeated and there is nothing we can do? Why are you passing off CANDY CRUSH sales to prove your point? That is misleading. You are talking WORD FOR WORD MARKETING SPEAK!

Lets see marking speak:
They are here to stay.....Check
There is nothing we can do about it.....Check
It is the future everyone is doing it.....Check

Yes your either weak minded....A sellout....or one of the posters that is paid to post as there day job for companies like Microsoft.

"To be fair, about $2 billion of the revenue from microtransactions came from King, maker of popular games on Facebook and mobile devices such as Candy Crush Saga and Shuffle Cats."

Why is this fact that it is talking about candy crush not in any of the comments telling us we can do anything?

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Artemidorus310d ago

You now have a generation who want the quick fix the fast forward button etc

All for a price. The days of putting in cheat codes are in the history books.

Seraphim310d ago

From article
"To be fair, about $2 billion of the revenue from microtransactions came from King, maker of popular games on Facebook and mobile devices such as Candy Crush Saga and Shuffle Cats. King was acquired by Activision Blizzard in 2016." Which should be no surprise because Facebook games, if successful, can rake money.

So 2 billion was from elsewhere. Also it doesn't state whether or not this includes Season Passes or for that matter WoWs subscription fees. The article just states that, "an annual record of over $4 billion of in-game net bookings." Minus the 2 billion mentioned above leaves us with 2 bn. Regardless, it's a staggering number. I just wish there was more clarification on the writers behalf. Something tells me there's more to this than simply MTs

adamwparker309d ago

And it's the 'success like this' that keeps games $60(like they still were 20 years ago) for us gamers instead of $120.

neutralgamer1992309d ago

How come EA gets all the Hate and Activision and UBI don't get as much attention

For those of you defending GAAS just wait this is the future

No wonder why bungie doesn't care they sold enough copies than most probably made hundreds of millions from MT

I am so glad I am single player gamer

ClanPsi1309d ago

Makes me truly hate people.

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FallenAngel1984310d ago

Just keep microtransactions out of the next Crash Bandicoot

rokkbrin310d ago

it's more because gamers wont refuse to buy the games that have them

Rachel_Alucard310d ago

We did with Battlefront. It just takes some whales blowing a few hundred dollars on one game to make mad bank.

rokkbrin310d ago

Battlefront still sold 8 million copies, thats more than just whales & casuals buying the game & using the micro-transactions.

S2Killinit310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Battlefront didn't get my sale. and I won't buy any of EA's games if I even smell their usual antics. Same with the rest of them.

BenjaMan64310d ago

The main reason SWBF2 didn't do as well as expected on release was due to the massively hyped COD WWII being released just two weeks before it. In several lists we saw that SWBF2 was #2 in sales, below COD.

Had there been no COD to steal its thunder, SWBF2 would surely have been an undeniable success on release.

_-EDMIX-_310d ago

"We did with Battlefront" no, you did.

"we" um..ok. You don't speak for the whole gaming community. The game moved like 9 million units. Some refuse to buy and thats ok, but clearly others don't care and simply play games for fun and not for agenda/

indyman7777309d ago

Most people DONT read articles they read headings and comment! That is why they didnt see it was mostly mobil candy crush kind of games.....In fact 2 billion was from candy crush..

@Rachel_Alucard is correct. We did not buy that is why EA took the Micro transactions OUT of it.

@Rrokkbrin your point is backwards. People still brought battlefront BECAUSE WE FORCED THEM to take them out!

Rachel_Alucard309d ago


Yeah when you add in star wars fans, shooter fans, and everyone that doesn't research things online yeah its definitley more then just casuals and whales.

How many fallacies do you push in every comment? No wonder everyone is against you, I don't know why you bother because what you say is either incorrect or a fallacie arguement.

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TheGamez100310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Sadly idiots and casuals keep buying them...

alex101594310d ago

Somewhat. I'd say a good portion of sales are due to kids.

JackBNimble310d ago

Not every kid has access to their parents credit card with no questions asked.
I assure you that I would know pretty dam quick if my kids started spending money on my cc.
I wouldn't be so quick to blame kids, there are plenty of responsible adults out there that are freely spending their own money.

alex101594309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

@JackBNimble Credit cards aren't the only way to buy dlc :p. I know my younger cousin's ALWAYS have their parents buying them PSN/Xbox cards.

ziggurcat310d ago

It's their money, so they're free to do what they want with it, but it doesn't help when you have devs design their game in such a way that it tries to lead people into buying into their MTs by, say, making the grind so incessantly tedious.

In AC Origins, they eliminated their usual passive method of generating money in game, and made it ridiculously difficult to generate a lot of money in the game - they even targeted legitimate farming spots, and patched the game to net you less money for certain items from these farming spots. All of this, of course, designed to lead people into buying their money packs. Helix credits, which used to be gained from missions, are now behind a paywall. They put items you used to be able to get from an in-game merchant behind a paywall. There are items purchasable via Helix credits that can be obtained from their loot box system, but the drop rate for those items is rigged in such a way that it requires a lot of in-game money, and you get a lot of duplicates of items you can get at a run-of-the-mill merchant - someone on PC spent 5 million of in-game money on the loot boxes before getting one of those items.

BeOpenMinded309d ago

Shadow of war was also painfully obvious to where it diluted the gameplay to screeching grind. There's a limit to what is reasonable and I fear it may get worse