"Best Three-Year Slate in Call of Duty History" Coming; Activision Talks COD by Treyarch and WWII

Activision expects Treyarch to create compelling digital offers for its next Call of Duty, claims to have the "best three-year slate" in the pipeline.

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Relientk77313d ago

Well the next CoD is by Treyarch so it'll probably be good.

I expect a Modern Warfare 2 remaster in 2019, like they did with MW1. Infinity Ward just aren't what they used to be, so they need an Incentive to buy the new game. It will probably be bundled with Infinity Ward's CoD 2019.

Parasyte312d ago

Agreed. MW2 was probably the last solid game that IW made, and even that was riddled with bugs.

jc12312d ago

infinite warfare is actually an underrated game. its quite good.

ApexWolf22312d ago

Best 3 years? Ironically it has nothing to do with removing the booster jetpacks huh lol...worst thing to happen to COD was Advanced Warfare, it was downhill ever since...

SierraGuy312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Please....advanced Warfare was done correctly...the maps we're insane...the maps need to match jetpack capability which they did well. If you ask me black ops 3 was junk. I have all of them. We took a step back after advanced Warfare but WW2 is sweet.

Nobody has bested advanced Warfare map design ever since. Not even WW2...yet.