Editorial: Kirby is the Most Consistent and Innovative Nintendo Series

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: "Over the many years that Nintendo has been around making video games, we have received some of gaming’s most acclaimed and renown franchises in all of the industry from the big N. Names such as The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon and most notably Super Mario have helped propel the company in being one of the if not the greatest video game company. Now having said that, these major blockbuster franchises have had blunders of the years, but there is one Nintendo series that tends to remain consistent and a fan favorite after each and every title and that, of course, is with Kirby."

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ZeekQuattro308d ago

I agree. I've never been disappointed with any mainline Kirby game I played. Dreamland, Adventure, 64, Return, Triple Deluxe and Robobot. I love them all.

_-EDMIX-_308d ago

I don't know if I could agree with all of that I would say I like most of the Kirby games I only didn't care for what they did with that yarn crap, other than that I like most of the series and I like that the new Kirby game is going back to basics as opposed to trying to do gimmicks, same with Yoshi.

I would argue one of the biggest things that no one is talking about is how Nintendo is releasing more conservative Concepts this generation.

michellelynn0976308d ago

I love Kirby. He is my pink puff pal.

_-EDMIX-_308d ago

I'm definitely going to buy the new Kirby game that's coming out for the switch! I'm actually hoping they release a huge Kirby collection similar to what you saw from the DS and Wii.

One of the things that most on here have it actually been talking about is Nintendo's return to consistency, when the switch was first revealed and we saw footage of Splatoon many of us literally thought it was just a port of the first game, for them to make the sequel so close to the original and using all the same basic concepts might show that maybe Nintendo is buckling down and no longer doing Wild exaggerated changes to some of their top franchises.

This is something i felt might happen if they went to only releasing one system. That they would focus on only Core Concepts as opposed to trying to reinvent the wheel ala Sonic Mania or Resident Evil 7 etc

So looking at Splatoon Yoshi Kirby and many more in very much shows me that maybe Nintendo is looking to be more conservative on these Concepts to keep things simple to bring back they're established base.

If they keep this up they're definitely going to have more of my money than they have in the past several Generations. Most of us old school fans are seriously not asking for that much. Like Sonic Mania we simply just want the same concept we got decades ago.