Xbox 360 Adds PBS Content

Microsoft has announced that it has struck a deal with PBS to have some of the broadcaster's TV series available for download on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

XBL users can download Ken Burns' Jazz and America series as well as "Wired Science" and "Scientific American." PBS added that XBL users will have access to over "8,500 hours of programming from 45 content producers."

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Internet Trolling Ex3686d ago

Rather than give you games,you're given the Evening programs

wray773686d ago

As an old man gamer I like this idea.

Ogrekiller3686d ago

No Nightly Business Report?


JonahFalcon3686d ago

I hope it includes "Nova" - been watching that show all my life.

Athlon3686d ago

It would be stupid if MS was charging you for this, considering that one can watch PBS for free even on antennae on a TV that it not even compliant with the 2009 digital tv standard.

JonahFalcon3686d ago

Not everyone has access to PBS. Nor On Demand.

Boldy3686d ago

And the same can be said about shows on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and CW. You can get all those channels for just having a TV and a basic antenna. I guess then by that thinking they might as well just give those big box season DVD's from the stores away for free.

And going further, by that thinking, just about every pop-culture thing (except video games) should be free. Movies are played on TV every now and then for free. CD's and song downloads (they're played on the radio so hey, why not give them out for free (legally of course)).

If you want the option to watch/listen whatever you want whenever you want, you have to buy them (or pirate).