Activision Officially Confirms Next Call of Duty Is by Black Ops Developer Treyarch

During Activision Blizzard's fourth quarter financial conference call, the publisher confirmed the developer for the upcoming Call of Duty game.

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Teflon02131d ago

I was literally coming on this to say that exact thing and leave lmao

The_Jackel130d ago

Guess we will see it in 3 months then.....

Leeroyw131d ago

Black Ops 4: Microtransactions - Loot Box Edition.

Kornholic130d ago

I hope they learn something from COD WW2 and Sledgehammer and make the loot boxes include cosmetic items only.

TheOttomatic91131d ago

Nice to know I won’t bother paying attention to the next COD then

Markusb33131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Wow is this news ?

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The story is too old to be commented.