Nintendo Proves Console Power Doesn't Matter

Nintendo Proves Console Power Doesn't Matter. They thrust the industry forward through exquisite innovation. The Nintendo Switch is the most unique console to date.

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guywazeldatatt308d ago

Best system to come out in years. Most innovative ever. We're at a point where just graphics don't matter.

JaguarEvolved307d ago

"Nintendo Proves Console Power Doesn't Matter"

I wonder why all the major third party companies aren't able to port their games on the switch. Probably they all will be on the switch this year like red dead 2, far cry 5 and more. I guess the games will be easily ported to the switch with the same quality as the xbox one and ps4 versions

Poli_Games307d ago

With that logic, the Switch shouldn’t be selling like gangbusters and Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda BOTW wouldn’t have even been considered to be Goty worthy. Cuphead wouldn’t even be in a conversation

guywazeldatatt307d ago

Bethesda’s doing a fine job

thekhurg307d ago

Bethesda? You mean that 15 year old engine? Yeah. Neat-o.

michellelynn0976307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Um next COD is coming and more are so please read up and stop spreading misinformation please. Fact is, sales are what matters. After the Wii U, the Switch had to prove itself. It did and you can't make a game in no time. It takes time to make games.

CantHealz307d ago

@michellelynn0976 you say dont spread misinformation but yet there has been no announcement about the next call of duty and what systems it is coming out on. Maybe you should follow your own words until something is officially announced...

bahabeast307d ago

i dont think the port matter as much. nintendo always offer a unique different way to play soo most stuff should be built from the ground up.

TallonIV307d ago

The point of this article went right o ver your head lol

mikeslemonade306d ago

haha the nintendo fans have been saying graphics don't matter since the Wii. Clearly it does. They have had pitiful install base and only handful of must play games per year. You guys are seriously jumping the gun based off of one year great sales. A system is suppose to sell great for the first year? What system didn't sell out the first year huh??

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LP-Eleven307d ago

Graphics DO matter. However, so does having a robust system with its own exclusives. Nintendo and Sony prove both of those things to be true.

Having the most powerful machine, on the other hand, matters MUCH less.

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RpgSama307d ago

What it does prove is that as with the PS4, games DO matter.

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SuperSonic91307d ago

This hybrid success thingy has been proven by PSP amd mobile gaming a long time ago.

Handhelds are not about power but portability. And the Switch is just the evolution of this.
Portable gaming will eventually get powerful as mobile gaming has proven.

badz149307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Power does matter! Who are you trying to kid? The PS4 has proven that not only games matter, power too to a certain extend. How many high profile games are still going to skip the Switch because of the lack of power? A LOT and yeah...please tell us again why power doesn't matter.

Chevalier307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

" PS2 was weaker, yes, butit was also relesead alnost 2 years earlier than both the Xbox and GC. How would it be more powerful? Just doesn't make sense"

Same can be said about the Xbox One X too though and for some reason people gaming in the Xbox ecosystem seem to think that power was the sole reason that PS4 has destroyed Xbox sales. Its not the power of the system that will be the sole reason to buy a system. I would say the consistency of Sony releasing quality exclusives and an ecosystem where their 3rd party partners can also release exclusives profitably was more a bigger factor. All the power in the world means nothing if you don't got the quality software to go with it. Thats why Sony and Nintendo doing so well. I regularly have customers buying the Switch or PS4 for certain exclusives whereas Xbox languishes without them.

My point was that by the end of the generation or mid gen having a more powerful system isn't an advantage. By the time Xbox released the PS2 had way too many exclusives and eventually prices coming down as well served them better than having a more powerful system with fewer exclusives and higher cost.

shaggy2303307d ago


The fact that the PS2 was extremely easily hacked helped quite a lot when it came to sales. nearly everyone I knew who had one got it hacked virtually as soon as they bought it.

rainslacker306d ago

After this gen, Sony will have won 3 gens, and coming in to what can essentially be called a tie once.

In two of those gens, they had the weakest console. In the tie, they had equal power, and in this gen, they had the most powerful console up until a few months ago.

Historically, the most powerful console hasn't been the winner of the gen. So, no, power doesn't matter. It doesn't hurt, but it's not the deciding factor overall.

Chevalier307d ago

Actually Playstation proved power doesn't matter. The PS1 and PS2 were the weakest systems of their generations and destroyed their competition.

badz149307d ago

No just...No! PS1 was weaker in spec but it handles 3D models better than the N64 while also having the better storage medium in the form of CD compared to smaller size yet more expensive cartridges the N64 was using. That was why it won. PS2 was weaker, yes, butit was also relesead alnost 2 years earlier than both the Xbox and GC. How would it be more powerful? Just doesn't make sense. But it was in fact more powerful than the Dreamcast before it. Get your facts straight

TheSaint307d ago

Graphics have always and will always 'matter'.

Godmars290307d ago

Not important, not such a focus that they need to be ultra realistic or detailed, but they do matter.

ragnalamb307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Does anyone remember the wii?? I mean, its the same story until now. Sky high sales first two years, with the most innovative games around. After that was just a decline on quality games, not worth buying for 4-5 good games. I'm not trying to say switch will fail, I hope not, since Im waiting for mine to arrive.

What the wii proved is you need immersion to actually enjoy games, whatever the genre. Graphics help a fucking lot.

And apparently its impossible to have them both.

Davidgr2306d ago

As much as I love my Switch I know eventually many games will not be supported. There wont be COD 2018, Battlefield 2018, Red Dead 2, Monster Hunter, Far Cry 5, next Diablo or GTA game. For the the sole reason that it cant handle its graphics. The sad part is how they release ports of old games for almost double the price. For example Doom runs 1080p on PS4/X1 and costs about 20-30, the Switch version runs 720p 30 fps and costs double the price. makes no sense

neutralgamer1992306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

To each their own to me a conventional controller and graphics do matter and I for our don't care about portable mode

Good thing is no matter what type of gamers we are

We all have options

subtenko306d ago

Im sorry Nintendo fan (I was one so its not bias) PlayStation 4 is on POINT! I dont even know what do ask them for besides wishful thinking of no more paying for online like PC gaming,lol. What else can we get? All I know is a well developed and good costing next gen VR headset 9And we know how sony does with life cycles)

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nintendoswitchfan308d ago

It's the portability that makes it great and I love this system, but, really they need to optimize certain games for portable mode. Xenoblade 2 looks horrible.

guywazeldatatt308d ago

xenoblade 2 you get a lot of battery time though and it's because the game is so massive. or so I heard. I agree though the resolution on that...but really it's meant to be played in docked mode.

Shiken307d ago

Portable mode did not bother me in Xenoblade 2. I was too busy enjoying the massive world to sit and count pixels.

Seraphim307d ago

even when docked Xenoblade 2 struggled at times and has a ton of pop in. Overall it was a phenomenal game though. Just like in some games, like Monster Hunter, you have trade offs between certain gear or swords. Same can be applied here. With the Switch there are going to be trade offs for it also being a handheld. Power doesn't matter yet if it had more it could run any game both in console and handheld with equality. And lets not forget battery life. With more power and equality would mean we'd need a much larger battery for longevity.

Personally I bought a Switch as a console, not a handheld. In the off chance I do need or want a handheld it's nice that I have the option but to me it's just another Nintendo console.

Having said that, as I've pointed out in the past, Power does matter to an extent. It always has. Best point would be that if the Switch was a standard def console/handheld would it be selling so well? No it wouldn't. Perhaps it would sell decent still but I guarantee you could strip a ton of sales if it wasn't HD. So yes, power does matter to some extent.

guywazeldatatt307d ago

@seraphim I had no problems in docked mode

MasterCornholio307d ago

Game looks fine to me in portable mode. The only thing that bugs me a bit is the framerate. However the game is still extremely playable.

With that said if you like JRPGs and don't mind the anime style of the game I highly recommend it.

subtenko306d ago

What about PS Vita? Would is appease you if both sides of the psvita slide off? xD

EddieNX 308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

It's too good. Only just out mine down this month to play Monster hunter and Pokémon. It's already my personal favourite console ever and it's gunna be fun seeing the games announced over the years.

guywazeldatatt308d ago

I have both the SNES Classic and the Switch. And PS4 and XB1. I play SNES Classic and Switch more than anything. And my 3DS still. they are incredible.

Bahamut307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Yeah that's your preference. Good gamers just go wherever the good games are. Playstation, Switch, PC, 3DS... SNES Classic... and yes, even Xbox lol. This article states that graphics don't matter. That's just an idiotic statement. Graphics matter to many people, therefor they matter. They matter to developers (they want their games to look good) and they matter to the majority of players (they want their games to look good and get the most out of their TVs). Playing the Switch because there are good games on there is perfectly fine, but to go around saying other peoples opinions don't matter is just being plain ignorant. And that's what you're doing with this stupid article, saying that millions of players' opinions don't matter. I love Zelda too man, been a huge fan for almost 30 years, but you're always on here posting turdish stuff like this and it makes other Nintendo fans look bad. Yeah, Nintendo is great, but not everyone has to agree with you, get over yourself bruh.

PhoenixUp308d ago

What did Wii sales nosediving after four years and Wii U’s entire existence prove then?

guywazeldatatt308d ago

Wii still sold over 100 million units, Wii U was a commercial failure but it paved the way for the Switch. Nintendo is an innovator first and foremost. They push the industry forward and the Switch is the best console they've had since...well I'd personally say SNES. Most innovative since N64 pushed 3D forward on consoles.

Brian7655492307d ago

All those systems of the past shows there is no magic bullet. You can come out with a console that does something unique and takes off because of the novelty. The Wii opened up the gates to others who might be intimidated by regular consoles and just want to have some fun. Is Wii Sports enjoyable now? Probably not but it came out at the right time but the novelty wore off.

Gamecube still had Nintendo games on it but it was marketed poorly and didn't really do anything other than alienate third party games. (Proprietary formats conmtinue to hinder Nintendo getting third party)

N64 didn't do too well because again third party ignored it and went with the PSOne. Power, discs instead of cartridges and third party paid off that generation, Sony proved that.

Now here we are today and Switch is doing amazing, so what changed? Well much like the Wii it's good timing and because it is also portable it offers something the others don't have. The Wii U also did something different but why did that fail miserablely? It was poorly marketed, confusing, and didn't really promote why it was a better way or more enjoyable way to play games. Switch was seen as two platforms in one, great value. Wii U was seen as cumbersome. Nintendo also put a lot more effort in having better games available during the first year.

Power can help
Offering a unique way to play can help
Price helps
Unique/exclusive software helps
Marekting/messaging helps

Will Switch have legs or will power become an issue later on? Will third party come back as strong as we see on the PS4 and Xbox One? Will we see revisions and upgrades to the hardware like Nintendo has done with the portable models?

Lots of unanswered questions to really know where Switch stands in a couple of years time.

PhoenixUp308d ago

Indeed but at the extremely fast trajectory it was going it should’ve sold a lot more than 101 million. It seems as soon as it crossed that threshold it dramatically declined while its technologically superior rivals continued performing well.

SNES was able to beat Genesis in the end largely because of its superior tech, exemplified after Donkey Kong Country released.

3D games were being pushed on PS1 before N64 released.

I’m just saying that the power of a console is not always going to be a nonfactor

guywazeldatatt308d ago

My point is, basically, that power at this juncture is no longer a deciding factor because we've reached a certain threshold. Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time pioneered 3D gaming and are two of the most influential games of all time. regardless of the PS1. which was still a fantastic system, no doubt.

PhoenixUp308d ago

Power hasn’t been the sole deciding factor for a long time. PS1 defeated the technologically superior N64 and PS2 defeated the technologically superior GameCube and Xbox. Nintendo’s own “Lateral Thinking with Withered Technology” mentality has carried their handhelds to success for many generations. Switch’s success doesn’t show us anything new that we haven’t seen before.

Those two games specifically pioneered aspects of 3D gaming, which is different than saying N64 itself pioneered 3D gaming. PS1 still introduced a lot more 3D games into the mix.

guywazeldatatt308d ago

I think it does show us something new. A portable and a home console in one? Labo? really neat innovative ideas that I would have never dreamed of. also, even if Labo doesn't pan out, they're still going to be selling cardboard for $80. the point is they may shift gaming as we know it with the switch.

PhoenixUp307d ago

Well we have seen a portable and a console in one done before with the Sega Nomad along with PSP’s ability to play games on a TV screen. Switch just redefined ideas that had already been in place decades prior.

Labo is an entirely different topic apart from how powerful the console is.

As much as Nintendo innovates they also tend to ignore a lot of gaming trends that later bite them in the ass which results in them trying to play a long game of catch-up in the meantime.

LP-Eleven307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Yup, well said (all of your posts here)!

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Tazzy307d ago

If the Wii sales nosedived after 4 years thats saying PS3 and Xbox 360 sales did worse because Wii beat both consoles in sales and they were out close to a decade.

kneon307d ago

There is no if, Wii sales did plummet once the novelty wore off and the casuals all moved over to phones and tablets.

shloobmm3307d ago

The wikbalso didn't sell any games. That's where the real money is. Yeah every one and then their mom had one but they also only had Wiiports to play on it.

PhoenixUp307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Yes Wii sold better in lifetime sales, however I’m taking specifically about after 2010.

- In 2010 Wii sold 17.3 million, PS3 sold 13.9 million and 360 sold 13.2 million
- In 2011 PS3 sold 14.7 million, 360 sold 13.8 million and Wii sold 11.5 million
- In 2012 PS3 sold 12.1 million, 360 sold 10.7 million and Wii sold 5.1 million
- In 2013 PS3 sold 8.2 million, 360 sold 6.2 million and Wii sold 1.9 million

How a console that performed so strongly and cemented its lead within its first four years yet start selling below its competition afterwards is very indicative of one thing, and it should be obvious. Its weaker hardware made unable to be more appealing from 2011 onward compared to the competition.

Never before in any generation has the winning console dramatically faltered commercially.

It’s impossible to note that while power isn’t always the sole deciding factor, it’s still a very important factor in many cases nonetheless.

AWBrawler307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

That was because a lack of support not power. 2012 wii u was out and wii got only just dance. 5 years is the normal console lifeapan. They supported 4 and let off the gas the last. Case and point if power is that important why did ps2 outlast its competitors and go well into over half of the next gen when it was the weakest? Why? Because ot had support and games

PhoenixUp307d ago

Why do you even suppose the console had a lack of support after 2010 while its competitors had an abundance of it in the intervening years?

PS3 & 360 still received support even after their succcesors were out, yet same can’t be said for Wii when its successor released. Why do you think that is?

You seem to be neglecting the entire end of my previous comment. I never said power was the end all be all, but that it was always an important factor. Just look how Wii support dwindled from 2011 onwards while its more powerful rivals continued receiving a lot of support as proof of this

Jmanzare307d ago

It's not just about hardware sales. How many people do you think got a wii and wii sports and that's it.

PhoenixUp306d ago

Considering that Wii has the 4th highest software sales of all time, it’s safe to say the majority of people didn’t just buy Wii to only play Wii Sports.

This wouldn’t happen if that were the case.

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subtenko306d ago

That it was a fad.But the switch is like half and half so ya cant really tell, or you cant say that just yet

PhoenixUp306d ago

You can say that power is still a very important aspect and that it does matter to an extent

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guywazeldatatt307d ago

I still consider the snes the best console ever...for now