Star Wars Battlefront 2 Free Crates Appear As An Apology

EA DICE is dishing out free crates for Star Wars Battlefront 2 for recent issues.

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crazychris4124225d ago

Were sorry that we ruined the game with pay to win crates... so here are some free crates as we get ready to bring back microtransactions since were losing so much money.

OffRoadKing224d ago

I thought they were cosmetic only, how were they pay to win exactly? Not defending the BS just asking an honest question, seen lots of people claim it was p2w just haven't seen anyone explain how it was.

cooperdnizzle224d ago

Well you have been living under a rock, it was pay to win plain and simple. If you have enough time to comment,you have enough time to look it up and educate yourself.

XiNatsuDragnel224d ago

Oops too late I got money back have fun with your trainwreck

Snookies12224d ago (Edited 224d ago )

Nice, I did the same with Destiny 2. Good on ya!

Blastoise224d ago

Kinda missing the point there EA

xX-oldboy-Xx224d ago

Hammers home how blind they are, embarrassing.

224d ago
Artemidorus224d ago

Don't fall for it, they want extra money for nothing.

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The story is too old to be commented.