Xbox One 1802 update: The complete changelog

Microsoft has brought a wave of new features to Xbox One in its latest update, including Scheduled Themes, Do Not Disturb and more.

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retrosprites38d ago

My favorite new feature is fast forward and rewind for game captures!

Nu38d ago

I've made $0 playing games /s

lumukogu38d ago

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LonDonE38d ago

i love how ms has evolved the xbox one os and is constantly improving it, i wish nintendo would add some of the basic things which are the standard now for devices to the switch.
Sony is improving the ps4 os but at a very slow pace compared to xbox, i hope they get there ass in gear and start speeding up the os improvements we have been asking for since launch.

One thing i don't like about the xbox one os now though is it has lost allot of its multi tasking abilities, for instance not sure if i just don't know how to now use it since the updates or if it has really been removed but i can't seem to use two apps at the same time no more! i used to love watching youtube and browsing my gaming websites at the same time but sadly you can't do it any more i think as i can't find it any more.

Shame as it was an awesome feature, i loved being able to play a game and watch youtube at the same time!

DJStotty38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

i think the snap feature was removed a while back. It went side by side with all the moaning about tv tv tv and kinect.

Not many people used the feature so it was subsequently removed, along with the tv shows they had in the works and culminating in the kinect removal.

LonDonE36d ago

oh dang it, i thought that it was removed, shame really it made most of my ps4 only buddies envious when they came over and saw it in action! oh well

Cobra95138d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Hmm. Haven't turned on the system in a couple of months. This reminds me I should do that, to keep spiders from nesting in mechanisms, and similar disuse deterioration.

Edit: Oh, and welcome back from the all-day "Runtime Error" screen, N4G.