Monster Hunter: World vs. Destiny 2, Who Did It Better?

Both Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter: World offers large expansive worlds full of various creatures to kill for resources and new weapons. The desire to get your warrior strongest with new weapons and armor pushes the player to engage in difficult challenges and trials in the hope of obtaining legendary gear. However, which did it better? Does Destiny 2's science-fiction world provide more reasons to come back or did Monster Hunter: World debut throttle Bungie's latest game?

Since Monster Hunter: World PvP update isn't live yet this article won't focus on competitive multiplayer.

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maybelovehate308d ago

Both games are amazing, but in the end they both have the same issue as every other grinding game. It gets repetitive. Which is just the nature of the beast.

I love both games and highly recommend them but I think Gamers need to realize that no game will be able to keep your attention forever. And that is fine, enjoy the fun while it lasts.

CorndogBurglar308d ago

I was a Destiny fan. You mention repetition. And yes, I can see that sinking in with any game.

But there's two very important things consider. Both games have a story mode and the "true" game is largely considered to begin after the story is completed. So what I'm mentioning is talking aboutnthenend game.

1. Destiny 2's endgame consisted of playing weekly nightfall strikes, the raid, pvp, and completing objectives in the overworld. Monster Hunter is similar except there are so many more weapons and armor to work toward that its easier to stay invested. Also, once you get a particular piece of armor or weapon, you still need to gather materials to make them as strong as they can be. This leads you to want to do Expeditions and other mission types. Destiny doesn't have that loop that encourages you to play many different types of missions.

2. Enemy variety. When talking about the strikes or hunts innthese games, Destiny has how many boss type characters? 7? One for each strike and one for the raid anyway. MH has over 40 enemy types. This keeps the variety fresh.

MH is the clear winner. That isn't even taking into account the MH is already talking about both minor and major updates being free and they havent even mentioned having to pay for any extra content yet. Which is crazy when you consider that it already launched with WAY more content than Destiny has even now, after the full game and a paid expansion launched.

I'm not sure how anyone can consider Destiny to be "done better".

maybelovehate308d ago

Check back in two weeks. I already have most of the gear I want in Moster Hunter and am wondering what I am supposed to do next. Don’t get me wrong, love the game. It is amazing but the end game has the exact same issue

maybelovehate307d ago

As for the #2 point. It is easy to argue that Destiny 2 right now has more variety. You have strikes, you have multiple Multiplayer modes, public events, missions, you have two raids. Plus they are all way more involved that Monster Hunter. In monster Hunter the loop is kill monster, kill monster, kill monster. Granted there is some collecting resources, but it is all just the same thing over and over. But yes there are a lot of monsters to master. But once you know them all, what is actually left? It is just grinding for gear that is worse than the perfect build you went after to start with.

Destiny has the same issue. There is only so much content. I will say that Monster Hunter is far more rewarding for Single Player gamers though.

doos_vd_kak308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

Both games are amazing? Destiny 2 is nowhere compared to the quality of monster Hunter world. Destiny 2 is mediocre.

maybelovehate308d ago

I disagree but to each their own. I love both games. I would argue Destiny 2 offers more though overall.

Lionalliance308d ago

Destiny 2 amazing? lol, with all the crap thats been going on with it, it's nowhere near "amazing".

drunkenspy007308d ago (Edited 308d ago )

I wouldn't call Destiny 2 amazing, but to each their own. Destiny 1 and 2, were finished games, but Bungie decided to chop it up, making you do a senseless grind until they scam you for DLC of stuff that should have already been in the game. At least with Monster Hunter, the game is complete, the grind results to accomplished goals, and end-game content will keep players going for a long time without the need to buy another chunk of the game as DLC.

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Lovable308d ago

Lmao @ comparing a trash game like Destiny 2 to a gem like MHW. Please....

TheDriz308d ago

Hey I’m not here to defend destiny but everyone gushed over it for a month and then the truth sank in. I wonder if the same will happen to MHW. I love the game but idk if I’ll be at it a month from now.

Movefasta1993308d ago

Monster hunter has been monster hunter for over a decade.the formula works

TheDriz307d ago

Well not on this level. It works for you and many others but the 6 million other?

Ittoittosai308d ago

Thats not even a question. Monster hunter has been killing it, while D2 has been trying to slowly turn its self back into D1.

CP_Company308d ago

this is a real game? Destiny 2 is just mediocre at best. MH is in another level, it is top tier game.

Avengerz43308d ago

Why are people comparing these 2 games so much? I do not see a similarity at all they're too completely different games.

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