Your My Nintendo Gold Points Will Soon Be Spendable on the Switch eShop

If you've saved up a few of your My Nintendo Gold Points then you're in luck, because you'll soon be able to use them as currency on the Switch eShop.

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DJK1NG_Gaming312d ago

How disappointing.....Nintendo those exchange rate are terrible.

lumukogu311d ago

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DJK1NG_Gaming311d ago


-Nintendo Switch games and DLC on Nintendo eShop: 5% of the total paid amount
-Download codes: 5% of the undiscounted Nintendo eShop price of the same content
-Nintendo Switch game: 1% of the undiscounted Nintendo eShop price of that game

Basically 1 Gold Coin would be 1 Cent

strayanalog312d ago

The gist of this being gold points will become spendable soon. All points expire in one year from the purchase date, but at the end of that month. So early March adopters you have until the end of March. Details to come in a few weeks.‎

Nothing like the last second, yeah? Better be some good exchange rates, but I doubt it. Whether it is 100 coins or 6,000 points these companies are going to get theirs. Admittedly though, this pill would be easier to swallow if points didn't expire, but there's almost always a catch in any rewards program.

DJK1NG_Gaming311d ago

That not how Gold Points work.
Gold Points are earned through buying games at any point during the 12 months period. Of course those who earned a lot of Gold Points in Feb. 2017 are going to lose those points they earned from that months not all of them.

I have 186 Gold Coins. None of them are expiring anytime soon.

strayanalog311d ago

Just left out "game" in error, but figured the ones that eShoped understood anyway. And I only used March as a placeholder for early Switch adopters.

So, 186 gold coins, eh? You must have been busy and stayed that way. Have a game in mind for those coins?

DJK1NG_Gaming311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Nah no game in mind because I don't think the exchange rate are even good enough since I read 1 Gold Coin = 1 Cent. I sure hope that no the case so I can have $186 to spend if it' actually $1 per Gold Coin.

After all anyone who bought games physically, digitally or bought a Switch this past Holiday probably got up to 300 Gold Coins depending how much they spent.

milkshake2311d ago

I want it to be similar to Nintendo club. That was neat. Don't give me discounts. I want to be able to exchange full games with those gold coins.