Wired Hands On: Reloading with Killzone 2

Wired's Jean Snow: "I braved Sony's restricted area -- even got carded, to prove I'm over 17 -- to try out some Killzone 2.

The build currently shown is pre-beta -- which probably explains why it crashed on me once on startup -- but when the game got going, it sure felt like a very polished level. As you'd expect from the intense trailers we've seen, things kick off in a blaze of bullets, with your team under fire as you start moving forward, infiltrating a Helghast stronghold.

I think we can safely say that Guerrilla Games has finally proved that their game will look pretty damn close to that early CG trailer that was shown back in 2005, and graphically, it has to be the nicest first-person shooter I've seen."

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eric1003689d ago

"graphically, it has to be the nicest first-person shooter I've seen."

In terms of gameplay it is even better than that

Zerodin3688d ago

How? It's just another physics playground.
This is living? No, this has already been done before.

HighDefinition3688d ago (Edited 3688d ago )

Yup. I Couldn`t have said it better myself.

avacadosnorkel3688d ago

it's more than the's also the physics.

dj_funky3688d ago

when feb 09 arrives i will buy this game and lock myself in my room with the cell turned off. surround sound all the way up.. stock up on red bull and hot flaming cheetos and enjoy the ride.