Neocrisis: 2009 360 Exclusives

Neocrisis: The 360 has a long list of known and possible games for 2009.


-White Gold
-Dead Island
-Ninja Blade

may be additional games

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Internet Trolling Ex3686d ago

All I see are failures for 2009

eric1003686d ago

warhound is on PC too .

ROFL at white gold ,dead island?
are these reincarnations of Too Human

The only game that might be good in that list is Halo wars.
Halo recon is just an expansion and will run at 600p just like Halo3

sunnygrg3686d ago

I cannot believe that they are counting DlC's too. And Ninety-Nine Nights 2?? Please stop.

juuken3685d ago

That list sucks. o_o
Ninja Blade seems interesting though, based on the trailers and gameplay.


HAAAAAAAAAA, couple days ago i said 360 is sh1t in 2009. I got a sh1t load of pms from some fools.

I then went on to let those fools know what i know of the 360....they did not like that either.

Many whined, many cried, many died upon reading my posts. But all reported me to admins....

I Now have the last laugh....LOLLLLLLLL 360 aint got sh1t on the ps3, thats why its trying to buy all of the ps games . Furthermore postponing others to give themselves the upper hand and a little breathing room. Monopoly? no?

Nevertheless sony has been counteracting with master sensei moves all along. the 360 is doomed. how many things can you possibly copy and postpone? theres nothing else left as far as great games go......except the FARM of first party studios creating software exclusively for the ps3. IP's that m$ will never be able to buy. thats the downfall of the 360, no original content. everything 360 will have will alwasy be on the pc or on the ps3.....LOL.

its crystal fuhhkin clear what they doin.......if you agree with me rep me up. suXBOX fanz gave me mad hate.

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MS Bribing3686d ago

Since when was 2 Days to Vegas a timed exclusive?

DavidMacDougall3686d ago

Im from Glasgow and iv never heard of these guys

sonarus3686d ago

i just love how we are now counting DLC as full games:D

I also love how half of that list is based on assumptions. Its just as dumb as PS3 150 games exclusive list

Xelai3686d ago

We all know MS has no worthy games coming out in 2009, at least that is what my fellow n4g members constantly say ;-)

SL1M DADDY3685d ago

Allan Wake? Huxley? Sorry, but I know they look great and I want them both bt let's be honest, they are on the same trail that Duke Nukem Forever is/was on and more than likely won't come out in 2009. And let me tell you how things have changed... I can't remember a time in all the years I have gamed that DLC made it on an exclusive game list... Crazy times.

Beast_Master3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Sorry wrong post

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DavidMacDougall3686d ago

I wana see a list of ps3 games like this

On topic tho most of there new games are just add-ons to old games and the rest of the list is just shots in the dark

PirateThom3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Demon's Souls
God of War III
Gran Turismo 5
Heavy Rain
Killzone 2
Quantum Theory
Twisted Metal
Uncharted 2
Yakuza 3

The above are all known to be releasing or in development FOR 2009 and doesn't include the MMOs that are also coming to PC since they're not exclusive or rumoured titles (like Red Dead Revolver 2 or Dark Cloud 3)

Timesplitter143686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Well I know which list I prefer...

I dunno if all of those are confirmed for 2009 but God of War III, Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain, Infamous, Killzone 2, MAG and Quantum Theory will all be pretty awesome.

At the very least, it's now safe to say (since 2008) that the ''PS3 has no games'' argument is old, broken and foolish

Gam713686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

just like the rrod one is as well but that wont stop people.

I know which list i prefer as well.
Have to say the 360.

the ps3 games dont appeal to me in that list

edit 4 disagrees for preferring the 360 list.
lol they are out in force tonight.

how do you know what i prefer?

Killjoy30003686d ago

Don't forget the new R&C game.

INehalemEXI3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Blazblue looks good. Arcade/PSN

White Knight Story wont come to the states till 09 I think.

What Ive been waiting for is finaly come to states in 09 on 360. Wii has a Onechanbara coming to US in 09 too. They are different games from the same ip so they are exclusives too.

Ya got your Zombie shooting in 08 Left4dead, and Zombie Slicing in 09 Onechanbara:Bikini Squad. Nice. Both games are co-op too, real nice.

TheUsedVersion3685d ago

Don't forget Ratchet & Clank Future 2 which is being released Fall 2009. Confirmation comes from completing Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest For Booty.

Gam713685d ago

demonstalker in the uk we also have a zombie mini series start in a few weeks set around the big brother house
don't laugh it looks better than it sounds
good time to be a zombie fan.

INehalemEXI3685d ago

looks pretty good.I jealous, you guys got that Mortal Kombat Conquest mini series too. Hard to find that on disc in this region.

xhairs93685d ago

Lol, how can you prefer that last ? It's all DLC... it's not actual games.

The Real Peter Moore3685d ago

By being a fanboy, Gam71 is just a fanboy

Gam713685d ago

if the dlc is the size of oblivions expansions then it'll be bigger than a lot of retail games out there so thats how.

and peter
because i like games i'm a fanboy?
hmm interesting. I await your reply?

still waitin... oh 1 bubble.
lol there is a fanboy and its the one who can't understand that someone has their own choices that are different to his.
Whats the matter. You so desperate to convince yourself the games coming out on your machine are actually good that you troll a rival consoles thread to waste your 1 and only bubble on a failed comment.

Accept the games you're getting and like them.
I do. I don't troll other threads saying the other consoles games are rubbish.
I've only ever said i prefer the 360's in a 360 thread.
crazy huh?

Beast_Master3685d ago

DC Universe Online and the Agency they are console exclusives as well. Also MLB the Show 09 and NBA 09, and Singstar + Incognito has a project to reveal as well as London Studio. People forget that R2 and alot of other games releasing this year where not annouced until January or later. So we have no idea what the biggest games of 09 will be until probably End of Spring.

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Xheratuul3686d ago

most of them are not system sellers, except alan and the games that has halo name, and forgettable DLC.

Xheratuul3686d ago

most of them could possibly flop too

nonAsianDroid3685d ago

you sony trolls will be fu*ked if there really is killer instinct 3 in the process.

we will see.

tocrazed4you3686d ago

- Mass Effect 2 (LOL Not confirmed to be in development yet and can be a ps3/pc too now that ea owns it)
- Alan Wake (on pc not exclusive)
- Halo 3: Recon ok
- N32 (Ninety-Nine Nights 2)ok
- APB (All Points Bulletin)wtf is this?
- Huxley ok
- Halo Wars on pc too
- 2 days to Vegas (Timed exclusive for PC and 360) lol time exclusive for PC hahaha
- Project Forza 3 ok
- Lionhead Project Dimitri (Confirmed that Lionhead will release a game in 2009)
- Rare Project 1 (Rare always releases at least 2 games each year)
- Rare Project 2 hmm if they want to put that than i can put the 3 nc soft, 3 eat sleep play, rockstar deal, and etc.
- Mistwalker Project 1 (At least in Japan)ok
- GTA IV Episode 2 dlc are full games now?
- Fallout 3 DLC (Confirmed it's the same size as Oblivion expansions)
Also on pc and dlc are full games now?

So far list fails except halo recon

green3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Mass Effect 2 has been confirmed to be in development

Never heard of APB? here you go
But i don't know if it is still coming out for the 360 or if it will only be on PC because if you check realtime world official webasite i only see PC.

Sorry but there is no Halo Wars on PC http://www.monstersandcriti...

Alan wake is not exclusive to the xbox but it's exclusive to Microsoft since it is being developed for the xbox 360 and Microsoft Games for Windows.Unless you pirate the game then you could run it however you please.

Bubble Buddy3686d ago

Christmas wish list:
Gears 2
Fable 2
Resistance 2
Little Big Planet
Fallout 3


Gam713686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )


god there's always one.
bet he considers himself a true gamer as well.

halo 3 recon might be dlc but that doesn't mean it can't be the size of a full game.
anyway where did you hear it was dlc?
it's standalone. so it stays on the list.
but i'm not surprised you're trying to undermine something to do with the 360.
own a ps3 do you?

SickNick853686d ago

also halo 3 recon is a DLC...

zethos563686d ago

Since when was Halo Wars on PC? Ensemble is closing after Halo Wars comes out anyway.

Halochampian3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

in actuality, if a 360 also comes out on PC, it can still be called an exclusive. It's all microsoft.

It would be like a game coming out on a PS2 and PS3 not being exclusive.

and there has been nothing about Halo Wars being on the PC.


Recon is NOT DLC.

SixZeroFour3685d ago

halo 3: recon is NOT a dlc, it is a stand alone "expansion" to halo 3 about what happened between halo 2 and 3 from an ODST perspective

you have to BUY the disk that will be in certain retail stores and it will have a campaign and multiplayer in it

APB seems like a pretty good game, the last thing i remember about it is that it is kinda like an MMO cops and robbers game...but i also think i read somewhere that it "could be" released for 360, pc , and ps3...but i guess it isnt being released on ps3 anymore

xhairs93685d ago

No, it's not exclusive even if both machines are operating on a windows platform. The PC is its own console while the 360 is its own console and same with PS3 and Wii.

Sales records don't show sales for 360's when you buy an "exclusive" (in your brain) Microsoft title, they go down as a PC Game. I would give you a nice cold Rootbeer but I can tell that you're already too thick headed.

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