Insomniac Games Closing Ratchet and Clank PS3 Servers Next Week

Ratchet and Clank servers will be discontinued as of February 15, 2018. The multiplayer and online features will be unavailable after this date.

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PhoenixUp106d ago

Nooo I loved the online multiplayer in these games

indyman77104d ago

You think this hurts? Guess what, Online only games are going to meet the same fate.

PhoenixUp104d ago

You think that hurts? Someday we’ll all meet the same fate 😒

Retroman105d ago

Read insomniac and R&C though they were announcing ps4 Going Commando in November .

Movefasta1993105d ago

Honestly would be disappointed if they did that, going commando is my fav ratchet game but I’d prefer a sequel to into the nexus. TNhe remaster trilogy is almost always on sale on ps3 , you can play all the old games at 60fps

105d ago
Retroman103d ago

into the nexus 2 would be FANTASTIC but i prefer remake of going commando.

stefan_771105d ago

I'd be keen if they reduced the difficulty

Retroman103d ago

what game of R&C was remontly HARD?? all was waay to easy even hard mode. you must 8 year old. @stefan_771

InTheZoneAC105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Barely anyone played r&c online 10 years ago, I say that's a long time to keep it open compared to games like socom that had 40-100k during peak hours and the servers were shut down after a few years. When I did play these online it seemed only a hundred or so were logged on.

Edit: NVM I'm thinking of the PS2 titles. When did ps3 r&c's have online play? Did the PS3 hd collection have it?

gijevi105d ago

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madforaday105d ago

I don't want to be that guy, because, I want a Socom 2 remake or even H-Hour at this point, but Socom never had 100k on at a time. The most I ever seen was around 63k mark.

DialgaMarine105d ago

There was a point where Socom 2 had more players than all of XBL on the OG Xbox.

InTheZoneAC104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

Well then you were late to the game. Socom 2 definitely had those numbers around launch. I'm combining "universes", not talking just NA region when you first sign in to see the servers

As for Marines comment below I believe he's referring to game hours, did a quick search and found this:

madforaday99d ago

They are talking about player hours not total people online. This was also before Halo 2 came out. I have no idea what people played online on the Xbox before Halo 2.

I may not have been combining the player base. I thought that number told you about everyone online. I would see around 50k to 60k during peak time and during peak Socom 2 days. When Halo 2 came out, they would see 100k to 150k people on.

I just don't get why they wouldn't include other countries in that number with Socom 2, I played with people all over the world so it is just weird to NOT show them in that number.

Teflon02105d ago

I wasn't aware the online was functional on the ps3 versions either lol. I owned the ps3 collection but only played the first game on it. I got the vita collection and on that one the online doesn't work at all. I platinumed the first 2 and wanted to play the online on the third before going to platinum it and sadly couldn't

timotim105d ago

Is it me, or does it seem like a lot, and I mean A LOT of PS3 games are shutting down it's servers??? I mean, yeah, no game last forever, but we are only talking one generation ago...whats the deal?

zaherdab105d ago

probably coz ppl move on and there's very few people playing them

coolbeans105d ago

It's not just you. And it's to be expected more and more considering PS3's PSN was & is free. Even if the player count is underwhelming years later I'm confident 1st-party PS4 online capabilities will be longer-lasting (though there will still be exceptions).

Yohshida105d ago

Thats why they need BC, keeps games alive. But what do I know

badz149105d ago

All the PS3s out there didn't stop working once the PS4 was out. There are no longer that many people playing it online' that's why they are shutting it down. R&C was never a big online IP anyway

Yohshida105d ago

But why would people still have a PS3 set up when they buy a new system? Most people sell the older ones anyway.

badz149105d ago


"most people"? Do you have a statistics for that claim? Or else you are just guessing

InTheZoneAC104d ago

Videogamelab are you serious right now?

rainslacker104d ago

Most people sell their systems, and their games. If they care about playing the games, then they keep the systems.

Yohshida103d ago

Okey, not most people. Its about everybody. At the beginning of a gen people tend to sell the old stuff to buy the new one. Digital Games cant be sold and are stuck with your account. Thats why BC is the best option. Also playing OG Xbox and 360 games with the Elite controller is probably the best thing ever. Thats why I keep emulating my PS1 games (even though I own about 600) instead of playing them on the console, I can use my new controllers.

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nitus10105d ago

All games that have an online component will eventually have their servers shut down. At least if you have a game that has a campaign and an online component you will still be able to play the campaign, however, if the game has online only then effectively all you are left with is coaster and/or wasted space on your console or PC.

Yohshida105d ago

"All games that have an online component will eventually have their servers shut down"

Not all but many of them yes. But as we see with PS3 its way faster than Xbox 360 games get shut down. Little Big Planet, GT, Resistance and MLB are just a few Sony IPs that got shut down way before they should have been.

Retroman103d ago

Sold my ps4 to keep old ps2,ps3 games ALIVE for me. hate open world games.

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