GTA Publisher "Focused on Players, not Payers;" Talks Microtransactions, Quality, and More

Take-Two Interactive Entertainment talks about the success of Grand Theft Auto V, GTA Online, NBA 2K18, Free-to-Play, Battle Royale games and more.

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-Foxtrot284d ago

LOL...yeah sure

Even Rockstar said single player DLC was "not possible" and that would have been for the players right? But no no they wanted the payers which meant focusing on the overrated online which is only there to suck money out of people.

Brian7655492284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

Their track record has proven they can release games that suit lots of gamers. GTA V sold 90 million copies and still going strong. You don't get that with single player only games any longer so it is indeed possible to cater to both camps of gamers.

You can never please everyone, especially those who go out of their way to look for cracks.

-Foxtrot284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

You act like they wouldn’t have those sales without the online

It’s’s could be single player only with the online releasing a year later as a separate beast entirely and it still would have broken record sales

They could have released a huge single player DLC and made their money back in less then a week.

Brian7655492284d ago

"You act like they wouldn’t have those sales without the online"

Not what I said, I said it would not continue to sell this well after all these years if it weren't for the online to keep players playing. Adding DLC would just come in waves of sales and now your just selling to a smaller and smaller pool of players that may or may not have stuck around. Online allows no disruption as they can keep playing and it's a lot less risky to support online since they can monitor activity.

"It’s’s could be single player only with the online releasing a year later as a separate beast entirely and it still would have broken record sales. They could have released a huge single player DLC and made their money back in less then a week."

They did offer single player I have no doubt Red Dead 2 will be the same. It's in their DNA to deliver big games and they also found out post-launch they can add online and keep sales strong and engagement strong years after because online players can enjoy that part of the game as well.

I don't understand the argument you are trying to provide here other than you just looking for reasons. You suggesting they do single player DLC doesn't really support your claims of more sales. How many more copies than 90 million does it take for you to get that what they did was successful? The profit must be insane compared to investment post-launch.

RememberThe357284d ago

Bro your making sense and it's going against the narrative. Stop it!

Cmv38284d ago

I wouldn't have bought it twice, for ps3 and ps4 if not for multiplayer. I love single player games too, but I'm not sure why single players complain so much about multiplayer.

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tristansprofile283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

GTA 5 online is boring. I wish rockstar would have added a single player dlc & Liberty City map from GTA 4 & North Yankton map on gta 5 & some stuff from GTA San Andreas like a flamethrower, chainsaw, an ability to dual carry weapons, eat, exercise, home invasion, casino, dancing in a club's, shopping malls, and, a ability to grab a person put them in a choke hold, slam, and put bodies in the trunk of your car, get fuel for your cars. Make the game for adults 18+ to play game, add blood & gore. Make it similar to GTA 4 online no perks, no passive mode, GTA 5 isn't call of duty.

FallenAngel1984284d ago

Dang Rockstar, this entire 8th generation so far you’ve only produced DLC and a two remasters? How about producing more games like you used to aside from the upcoming RDR2

DarkOcelet284d ago

It's really sad when you actually think about it. Last gen we got GTA 4, GTAV, LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3. That's five games from them. And this gen we got just RDR2. Its all because of the damn GTA Online and microtransactions booming.

I can't believe am saying this but i really hope RDR2 Online mode doesn't get as much attention so we can actually get more amazing single player games from them.

UCForce284d ago

This is where I afraid Rockstar going to focus on more online than single player.

PhoenixUp284d ago

How does a publisher as big as Rockstar coast by through the majority of the 8th gen through DLC for one game alone? Such a notion would be unheard of for any other major publisher.

I shutter to think if RDR2 is the only new game they produce this generation.

bloop283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

Can't see them releasing another game after RDR2 this far into the generation. As much as I'm hyped for RDR2, I'm pretty pissed off we probably won't be getting a GTA for a full gen.

JackBNimble283d ago

This gen is only 4 years old, it took rockstar 5 years to develop Gta5... Games do take time to make, especially rockstar games.

Avengerz43284d ago

Really?? So instead of giving your best GTA a single player DLC you'd rather just use pay to win shark cards and online only DLC?? Gotcha

JackBNimble283d ago

Pay to win, do you even play Gta5?

staticall284d ago

So, Take-Two, you're, basically, quoting Andrew Wilson, «Is this good for the player?»? We all remember how that turned out.
How about the Evolve and that DLC hell? NBA 2K18 and microtransactions hell? GTA V and no singleplayer DLC, yet constant increase of prices in the game?

Oh, and let's not forget about that famous interview with mr. Zelnick, where he said that every game from now on will have microtransactions: «We aim to have recurrent consumer spending options for every title that we put out at this company. It may not always be an online model. It probably won't always be a virtual currency model, but there'll be some ability to engage on an ongoing basis with our titles after release across the board.

That's a sea change in our business. Recurrent consumer spending is 42% of our net bookings in the quarter. It's been transformative for us, and the only reason it's transformative for us is because it's transformative to our consumers. The business that once upon a time was a big, chunky opportunity to engage for tens of hours, or perhaps 100 hours, has turned into ongoing engagement, day-after-day, week-after-week. You fall in love with these titles and they become part of your daily life.»

Sure you're «focused» on players. You're focused on how to turn every player into payer.

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