"Record Recurrent Consumer Spending" for Grand Theft Auto Online and NBA 2K18 Announced by Take-Two

Take-Two Interactive Software disclosed its most recent financial achievements in a new quarterly report.

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TedCruzsTaint284d ago

Thank god currency cards are a proper replacement for the additional single-player content nobody wants to this day ..

PhoenixUp284d ago

Rockstar talks more about DLC and digital spending than the library of upcoming new titles

In fact they only have one upcoming title announced thus far. How does that even happen

Asuka283d ago

When they made well over $500mil USD in microtrans with nearly 100% profit margin seeing as how microtrans dlc cost next to nothing to produce... Anyone expecting RDR2 to be any different (or any future titles tbh) needs to wake up... Pretty sad smh but at the end of the day these companies are in it for the $$$

babadivad283d ago

You're really low balling it with the 500 million figure there.

Asuka283d ago


Haha sad but true

JackBNimble283d ago

Of course they are in it for the money, every business is in it for the money.
Are they supposed to be a non-profit organization?

warriorcase283d ago

It was reported end of last year they average 500-700 million every year in microtransactions

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PhoenixUp283d ago

Yeah but a publisher as big as Rockstar should still have more titles in the pipeline. It’s not like they’d have everybody working on DLC and one new title.

JackBNimble283d ago

And how do you know that they don't, just because you haven't heard anything yet means nothing.

283d ago
PhoenixUp282d ago

Because when you have a staff that large you need to have them working on many things. The DLC they’ve produced doesn’t look anything more intensive than Episodes from Liberty City or Undead Nightmare, so there's clearly staff members that are open right now.

This isn’t just one development team, this is a huge publisher we’re talking about.

munchmiller283d ago

And people still expect this company to treat RDR2 with ANY care whatsoever? Give your heads a shake folks.

Tru_Blu283d ago

I'm expecting a great single player game and an online mode thats MT's will put battlefront's to shame.

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