Shadow of the Colossus and Monster Hunter: World Disagree on What it Means to Kill a Monster

The intense contrast between how two recently released games – Monster Hunter: World and Shadow of the Colossus – treat the idea of monster slaying points out interesting moral issues at the heart of one of gamers’ most cherished virtual activities.

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PhoenixUp311d ago

One celebrates it while the other makes you question why you did it

Cyborgg311d ago

I'm Shadow of the Coloss

Cyborgg311d ago (Edited 311d ago )

Lol typo. In Shadow of the Colossus he's doing it for his girl

Fist4achin311d ago

@Cyborgg Crazy the stuff we do for women...

Chaos_Order311d ago

SotC: I cause these giants such pain... They are only defending themselves. Is my journey truly righteous? Must I slaughter the innocent to bring back my love?

MHW: Lmao, kill 'em! Kill every last one! Take their bones! Take their hide! Gorge on their flesh! Steal their eggs! Slaughter every last thing in sight! I mean we gotta do it, they're monsters, right? "Maybe we're really the true monst--" NOPE! Survival of the fittest, BEEEEEEEEATCH! (And the humans all lived happily ever after)

Sirk7x309d ago

It's a world where those beasts exist, who hunt and kill humans on site. If humanity in that world is to flourish and exist in new environments, they would have to first conquer the land and any threats to them. It's what we do.

bigmalky311d ago

Who cares? Both are amazing games.

NovusTerminus311d ago

Difference is Shadow is an artistic game with a deeper meaning, the game they build reflects that.

MH is a game about combat, it's basically just humans and beasts hunting each other endlessly, the game they build reflects that.

Both are amazing games, but vastly different.

Codedan311d ago

The monsters literally attack you in Monster Hunter so what is the problem? If you feel bad just keep dying until your brittle soul gets a concept of reality lol. We can add emotional elements like Planet Earth does, but it doesn’t change anything.

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