New Sea of Thieves Datamining Hints at Open Beta, Additional Pirate Customization Options

A newly deployed update for Sea of Thieves has been quickly datamined. Its strings point to an upcoming, as-of-yet unannounced Open Beta test, as well as additional pirate customization options.

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Alexious306d ago

I do hope they can produce a lot of new content quickly though.

Angainor7306d ago

Let me guess.. Sony troll?

PrinceVegeta306d ago

Can't wait to see what ridiculously awesome missions/events the team at Rare has planned for this game :)

mark_parch306d ago

can't wait to battle the KRAKEN

Tedakin306d ago

All sounds awesome. Loving the potential for more NPCs. Hoping for an Open Beta with a more complete version of the game.

mark_parch306d ago

Really looking forward to this. Had a blast in the closed beta, I just hope there's a lot more mission variety and more enemy types

Tedakin306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

They put out a progression video showing missions where you hunt down Skeleton crews and also do shipping missions for trading companies, etc. Hunting for animals and stuff. There are 3 different NPCS that give you missions in the release game. Only 1 in the beta.

mark_parch306d ago

Thanks i'm aware of those. i was part of the alpha so i have played some of the order of souls missions ( hunting skeletons ) I think those will be great fun but only keep people interested for a few months so I'm hoping for more content which I'm sure they will add as they said they will continue to add content and improve the game for many years

Goldby306d ago

they should look to literature and tv shows for inspiration for more questlines and such.
Moby dick could be a special public event, adventures on treasure island, and Black Sails all have different quests that could be incorporated into the game.

81BX306d ago

Uhhh, my beta download is updating now. Leads me to believe that another beta is coming lol

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