Monster Hunter: World seems to be prioritizing the PS4 over the Xbox One

Monster Hunter: World (MHW) has been an unqualified success for its developer Capcom, with over five million copies shipped across the PS4 and Xbox One in less than a week. Unfortunately, it’s become apparent since release that players who chose to buy the game for the Xbox One are getting a slightly worse experience than their PS4 counterparts.

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maybelovehate189d ago

Xbox One running worse than PS4 is expected, that isn't Capcom's fault that is hardware differences. Just like the Xbox One X running better in Graphics Mode than the PS4 Pro.

Codedan188d ago

It is absolutely Capcom’s fault for such poor optimization.

nativegoku188d ago

Even digital foundry was completely puzzled and lost as to why the developers did such poor optimization on the 1X

Nodoze188d ago

Do we spend time optimizing the game with the lower playerbase, or prioritize and optimize for the platform that will account for the majority of sales? If you were leading Capcom, which would you do with the limited time, manpower, and money available to you?

I am sure they will continue to optimize for both platforms post release.

uptownsoul188d ago

"the base model PS4 outshone the standard Xbox One in all other tests" ...Ok...That's not news

"the Horizon livery will remain a PS4 exclusive." ...Of course the Horizon skins will remain exclusive

S2Killinit188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

In all honesty, what did you expect, should they optimize the game for less than 1% of the consumers just because there they have a newer/more powerful hardware, or should they make sure the majority enjoys the best experience? I think the answer is clear.

MADGameR188d ago

It has been proven consistently throughout 4 years that the X Box One is weaker than the PS4. So quit whinning

rdgneoz3188d ago

"Even digital foundry was completely puzzled and lost as to why the developers did such poor optimization on the 1X"

Because most Japanese games tend to sell a lot more on Sony or Nintendo consoles, in comparison to MS. So devs tend to work with those consoles more often, and know the ins and outs of them. Also, the game has been in development for around 4 years or so according to the devs (which is why no Switch version), so they got their hands on the Pro console over a year before they got their hands on the 1X.

subtenko188d ago

Xbox One supposed to be so powerful and smart that should be a problem.....

But if you disagree I'll just this excuse if you think a multiplat Xbox game ever looks better than a ps4 game and we'll call it even xD

188d ago
rainslacker188d ago

Honestly, given how some Japanese games tend to sell on XBox, I'm not surprised they didn't spend a lot of time optimzing for it. Doesn't excuse it, but publishers tend to go more where the money is.

As far as the X1X, it has such a marginal user base on top of a system which doesn't usually realize a lot of sales to begin with, so I can understand why they'd spend less time on it.

Neither is an excuse for poor optimization, but in the real world, that's how things tend to work out with publishers and developers. It won't be the last game to get this treatment I'm sure.

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yemijexox188d ago

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Eonjay188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

Yeah this article is reaching. The PS4 is about 40% more powerful than the Xbox One. This is the same as the Pro and X. It also turns out that players on Xbox love this game.I can understand fustrations over the matchmaking but to be mad that the PS4 is more powerful is dumb when the X exists to address this. People have been screaming not to let X be hold back but then we still have people screaming to have the PS4 held back for the original Xbox.

Alucard_420188d ago

how many X are on the market??? If you are a capcom and you have a budget do you spend most of that money on the lowest amount of players??? no it sucks but until Xbox fanbase grows on the X this kind of stuff will happen. X is a great machine but the amount of X on the market may make people not want to fully maximize its potential since it is a mid gen upgrade.

ClanPsi1188d ago

@Alucard_420 Until Xbox fanbase grows? I like your optimism!

Alucard_420187d ago

I couldn't care less what happens to the Xbox honestly I have my switch ps4 and PC, but this era is the ps3 and xbox 360 all over again but with a switcharoo and MS is on the short end of the stick.

Nerdsworth188d ago

It is absolutely Capcom's fault. It is a companies obligation to optimize the game for both systems. They also only had a netcode beta on PS4, and had a crap netcode for Xbox one on release day causing them to scramble for solutions. Capcom is a Japanese company favoring a Japanese company (Sony). They've been doing this. SFV.

Nodoze188d ago

Obligation? Really? I cannot tell if you are being serious and actually believe this, or you are being sarcastic.

In a perfect world where time, manpower, and money are unlimited...sure. That is NOT the real world. This is true for ALL software.

maybelovehate188d ago

It is a huge and very complex game. I am amazed it runs as good as it does to be honest.

Atanasrikard188d ago


So can I throw this in your face when you guys cry about a game like PUBG coming to Xbox first, possibly to never arrive on PS4? I mean, time, manpower, money are all factors in why one system is chosen ahead of another isn't it?

Araragifeels 188d ago

Sony funded SFV so obviously is an exclusive game.

ILostMyMind188d ago

I think Capcom should never have done MHW for XB. This is better for players 😝

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MrSwankSinatra188d ago ShowReplies(1)
Mulando188d ago

And even on PS4 it is below 30 fps which is not good at all.
And mid-gen consoles are above 30 but way below 60 ... they should really tweak the performance and patch in a 30fps cap.

PFFT188d ago

The frames drop considerably on the Pro when fighting against Xeno. Every time Xeno gets up his hind legs and blasts that laser beam around him the frames drop like crazy.

Xb1ps4188d ago

The only thing that runs worse is the online part, not the actual game itself.. kind of misleading... made it seem as if the game its self runs worse.

Neonridr188d ago

are you kidding me? These systems are almost identical. One has more GPU power and more memory at their disposal. This isn't a Power PC to Cell architecture comparison like last gen. They use the same damn chipsets for pete's sake.

zerocarnage188d ago

But it still run brilliant on Xbox one, I just think people are not picking and all for nothing. I'm sure you can agree that so long as the game plays and it isn't unplayable then it's a win for a gamer.

I mean to be honest because I own a standard Xbox one, I rite couldn't care there's better looking versions because of how MHW runs still, it's perfect it's been for me.

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YEP414188d ago

Stop the ps4 dont run better then xbox..ok better graphics ok..but the xbox one version is like a preview pc game come capcom

FyBy188d ago

You are right, all these cries about only xbox one poor optimalization are nonsense. Digital foundry clearly stated, that even on XOX and Pro you dont get 60 fps but around 40. And they also stated, that ps4 is around 30 fps, while XO is slightly below 30 fps. Ant XO is trying to maintain near 30 by lowering resolution. This is absolutely in line with hardware specs. Nothing strange here. Maybe whole game is poorly optimized, but on all platforms, not only on base XO.

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Thatguy-310189d ago ShowReplies(9)
PhoenixUp189d ago

“While the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro performed similarly, the base model PS4 outshone the standard Xbox One in all other tests.”

Of course the base PS4 model outperformed the base XO model in performance tests. That’s usually going to be the case.

RpgSama188d ago

This has been the case since the start of the Generation, because news flash, the PS4 is more powerful than the XBox One

j15reed188d ago

So with that logic which is sound the 1X shouldn't run similar to the Pro right?

Teflon02188d ago

Not necessarily, they're premium consoles and Capcom could have just had a base for the premium consoles that both can achieve and say that's fine. Dev's are suppose to support them. Doesn't mean they'll go all out. Capcom still doesn't have pro support for Street fighter 5 lol. It's not them favouring anyone. Plus Japanese Deva usually half ass pro support, example. I have multiple games that I can't find any differences for on ps4 pro yet they say they have support. Mostly just more stable framerate but the issue is most Japanese games aren't demanding or horrible optimized so it doesn't change anything. Lol

RpgSama188d ago

As a PS Fan and PS4 PRO owner, yes, the One X should run better than the PS4 pro.

Jinger188d ago

Right? That's been the deal the entire gen... How is this a surprise to anyone at this point haha

nativegoku188d ago

so the 1x should outperform the pro then? Gothca.

Jinger188d ago


It SHOULD, but all depends on the dev and which system they want to prioritize their time with. In this case Capcom chose Sony so all the X got was a PS4Pro port essentially.

ocelot07188d ago (Edited 188d ago )

@nativegoku Well yes is it really that hard to understand? XB1X is more powerful than the Pro so should look better. I don't own it on XB1 or own an XB1X so I can't say if Capcom has put any effort into using the XB1X power.

When the PC version arrives depending on the users rig. The PC version will look better or perform better or even both than the XB1X version.

DanteVFenris666188d ago

Ps4 pro does not perform similarity. Clear bias ps4 is way stronger yet x is just similair. I hate Xbox yet I wouldn’t use such blatant lies like that to protect my system of choice