Female StarCraft 2 Player Earns Historic Win at IEM Pyeongchang

At the Intel Extreme Masters event in Pyeongchang, South Korea, a female StarCraft 2 player rose up above 18 others to secure an historic win.

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ZaWarudo135d ago

She's canadian too. I was expecting another South Korean.

ClanPsi1135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Yay Canada! E-"sports" are really dumb, but this is pretty neat nonetheless.

ZombieGamerMan135d ago

I think this is bullshit, not because she's a girl but because she isn't Korean

ZombieGamerMan135d ago

No way a none korean can beat a korean at SC2, so she clearly cheated

blacktiger135d ago

well just so you know she's transgender,

kreate135d ago

Generally speaking yes. But the American gamer Neeb once beat the Korean GSL a few years ago. That's like the only tournament he ever won though. Not sure if it's a fluke or what. That was the only time Koreans lost on their home ground.

Foreign tournaments like this is rigged and the rules are against Koreans specifically to increase chances for foreign players to win. So I don't think u have to feel bad if ur a fan of the Korean players.

I mean. Who is not a fan of a top tier Korean player in the world of Starcraft. Only ppl who have racial preferences say otherwise.

In this particular case, I'm a big fan of Scarlett, albeit transgender, it's good to see females winning males.

135d ago