Top 30 PS4 And PS4 Pro Exclusives To Look Forward To In 2018 And Beyond

PS4 and PS4 Pro are set to receive a ton of games in the future.

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darthv7214d ago

the two main courses i'm looking forward to are GoW and Spiderman. Everything else is just desert to choose from.

Neonridr14d ago

why don't we say PS4 exclusives instead of trying to split them up? It's not like the Pro will get its own set of exclusive titles here.

14d ago
Christopher14d ago

1. Also on PC
9. Also on PS2/PS3
10. Not confirmed exclusive, most likely at least PC release
12. Not exclusive, also at least on PC.
15. Been on PC for over 2 years now.
18. Also coming to PC.
21. PS2 game being remastered to PS4/PSVR
22. Remake of a 2006 game (yes, I will still buy it day 1)
24. 3 year old game already on PC and MAC.
25. Also on PC
26. Primarily a PC release, added PS4 recently (site still doesn't even mention PS4)
29. Port from PC/PS3
30. Timed exclusive.


I don't know what the fascination is with writers to create such long lists for things like this. All it does is muddy it with questions and fail to highlight the truly good items that are really what should be highlighted while throwing in the things that typically people won't remember even after reading this.

If you, as an author, want to highlight a game that most people won't see, don't do it in a list. Take time, effort, and write about that specific company, their game, and tell us why it's worth noting as a platform title or just as a title itself.

MakoD14d ago

I think a platform exclusive is okay, I mean Shadow of the Colossus on the PS2, PS3, and PS4 is still a PlayStation platform. I mean eventually it will probably be on PS Now, the PS3 one is currently... still an exclusive to me. I basically agree with you... but still a hell of a list... although The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima will most probably be 2019 games.

FallenAngel198414d ago

“And PS4 Pro?”

What’s with the need to include that piece of text in the thumbnail

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