Souls-Like Metroidvania 'Castle of Heart' Coming to Nintendo Switch

Developer 7Levels have announced their unique action platformer, Castle of Heart, as an exclusive experience for the Nintendo Switch. First gameplay arrives.

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SilverDemon312d ago

wtf??!?!? no stamina, no souls counter, no parry
why would you call it a souls-like?? just cuz it had medieval setting you can roll?? very misleading title

if you want a 2d souls-like look no further than salt and sanctuary

Genova84312d ago

"Souls-like" gets tossed around more often than "zelda clone" once did.

Jaypi03312d ago

Also "This is the dark souls of (insert game)"

Jaypi03312d ago

Also Hollow Knight, which is very excellent on it's own.

Segata312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

How in the world is this souls like? Because of knight armor? He has a sword as well so does that make it a Zelda clone? WTF lol

michellelynn0976311d ago

Nintendo Switch is getting some great games.

Cy311d ago

"Souls-like Metroidvania" is the most cursed thing I've ever read.

Mr Marvel309d ago

I would buy this if it was on PS4, but I only buy AAA Nintendo exclusives for my Switch, everything else I get for PS4 because Trophies.