King of Wrong: Deconstructing Billy Mitchell

Scholarly Gamers' Patrick Scott Patterson writes: "Perhaps Billy Mitchell's greatest stake to fame is being the first to reach a Perfect Pac-Man score of 3,333,360 in 1999. The media poured all over it. He's taken paid bookings for almost two decades now based on this feat alone. And the rules relating to the game were changed just before he did it."

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310d ago
Brian7655492310d ago

He plays a good villian in the film and when he sent in his score for Donkey Kong and not playing live with anyone to verify the score I knew he couldn't be trusted.

309d ago
Nodoze309d ago

This guy was always a Douchebag. Now he has been caught, and he needs to own it.

Brian7655492309d ago

People like him don't own up to things, they just blame it on others or some other excuse.

DefenderOfDoom2309d ago

I think Billy Mitchell proved that some of the people in the infamous Life Magazine photo from 1982 submitted fake scores by playing against them . But not sure.

Protagonist309d ago

Just the way he poses with his suit, the ladies and the pac-man plaque makes him look like a villain from a frank miller graphic novel ;)).

Quite enjoyed The King of Kong.

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