This Gamer Plays In Fighting Tournaments Using a Piano Keyboard

This guy has been playing in various esports tournaments for the new Dragon Ball FighterZ game. However he hasn’t been doing it in the usual fashion. He has been using a piano keyboard from Rock Band which is a game from the PS3 era.

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Fist4achin250d ago

I dont care what he uses, as long as he can whoop some ass!

249d ago
Bretty249d ago

I can barely play them using an actual controller. Top work.

Snookies12249d ago

Ahhh, reminds me of when I tried using a DDR mat to play FF XII. Good times...

Tross249d ago (Edited 249d ago )

He should be a supporting character in an anime about a videogame tournament. He could have a great cheesy line like "prepare for the song of your doom!"