Dragon Ball FighterZ Interview – Bandai Namco Talks Reception, Online Play, & Upcoming DLC

Jakejames Lugo of The Koalition writes: We have a 1-on-1 talk with Bandai Namco about Dragon Ball FighterZ after it’s recent launch. Our own Senior Editor Jakejames Lugo chats with Dmitryi Khlynin, Community Specialist at Bandai Namco, about the reception of Dragon Ball FighterZ on release week. Both Jakejames and Dmitryi also touch on potential DLC characters for the game, as well as the online play and listening to the community feedback. It’s a fun and interesting conversation with a power level that is definitely over 9000.

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rbailey285d ago

While not a perfect fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ is still a great game. I'm very curious to see what new DLC characters will be added along with other content as the year goes on.

InTheZoneAC285d ago

Hopefully they give us free characters. Because paying for them when the game revolves around them is simply stupid. Fancy cosmetics and stages, sure charge for the but allow us to play to unlock as well. Fighters...should always be free.