It’s OK to Cheat in Single Player (Just Don’t Feel Good About It)

Should single player games punish people for taking the easy way out? Maybe measures should be implemented to keep people honest whether they are online or off!

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strayanalog314d ago

Did you earn that win because of a glitch? Yes you did.
When games glitch on a player it's usually in its favor, so take your easy victory when you can get them. After all, the game is out to beat you just as much as you are it.‎

SickSinceSix312d ago

For me I tend to beat a game without cheating, then replay it using various cheats the second playthrough and don't feel bad about it at all.

Jayszen312d ago

What is the point of playing if one is going to cheat? It is a single player game! You'd only be cheating yourself...

Gridknac312d ago

Does it matter if you see the point to it or not? How can you fly anybody shit about the way they enjoy their games. I use cheat engine all the time. I've been playing game for 35yrs and its not that I can't go through the game without cheating. Its the fact that there are so many games that I want to experience the essence of without all of the grind. I will never submit to the MT in games. I don't have the time to grind xp to reach such n such level or beat the game 3 times to get the golden armor etc. But first and foremost, I cheat because I want to. I don't cause any grief to anyone. So for anyone to give me grief over how I choose to play my games, you get the complementary middle finger.

Jayszen310d ago


You are welcome to say whatever you want without getting personal and resorting to abuse. No one is giving you grief, I merely posed a question borne out of my opinion. So stick your middle finger up yourself and learn some manners.

Cy312d ago

This is only true if you think the only reason to play games is to challenge yourself to be better at video games, which is not the case for a lot of people. Some people just want to experience a game, or a story, or explore and see what they can do, and don't want to constantly die or go through the same parts over and over again just to "git gud". Everyone gets their fun from games differently, dude. Your way isn't the only way.

Jayszen310d ago



I accept your opinion and I never stated that mine was the only way. I always thought that game designers gave difficulty levels for that exact purpose - so that we can experience a game as intended without getting stuck, or having to play the same parts over and over as you suggest, or having to resort to cheats. I always start a game on Hard and then go lower or higher depending on how I fare and the challenge I want. But I take your point that everyone gets their fun from games differently.

iofhua312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Cheat carts used to be ubiquitous and you were strange or very poor if you gamed and didn't have one. They added 1,000% more fun to your games. There's no end to the re-playability you can get from cheat carts that let you make your own codes.

I hate the hyper-competitive mentality that gamers have these days. Gaming isn't about fun anymore, it's all about dominating the other guy and stroking your e-peen. It's sick, twisted, and very unfun.

Now that we have cartridges again with the Switch I'm hoping it's only a matter of time before we see cheat cartridges again. Maybe we'll have to wait until Nintendo's next console to release and they abandon the Switch, but I'm hoping it's sooner.

antikbaka312d ago

what is this? A feeling police?

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