Switch Third Party Support Could Make All The Difference

The Switch’s predecessor had a curious relationship with third-party franchises. Early in its life, the Wii U received ports of acclaimed games like Mass Effect 3 and Assassin’s Creed III. This was no doubt part of Nintendo’s strategy to show that, yes, their consoles had more to them than exclusives. It was a sensible idea in theory. The problem was the execution. Who’s going to buy Mass Effect 3, for example, when the first two games aren’t available on the console?

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FallenAngel1984314d ago

“Nintendo has always been inconsistent with courting third-party developers.”

Not with NES, SNES, & all of their handhelds.

Christopher314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

They don't really court them there either. They essentially developed the largest market share and said "this is what you have to work with."

NES/SNES lost out when the disc format came to front because developers were tired of the cartridge limitations. Not because Nintendo was courting them, but because they were keeping developers stuck in a format that cost them a lot more and provided a lot less.

Handhelds they're like the Apple of it. They're just a powerhouse and people put third party games there because that's where the market is, not because it's easier or better. It definitely doesn't help that their competition had their first handheld quickly hacked and their second was just more expensive than what many people wanted.

Brian7655492314d ago

It certainly didn't help that third party were limited to just 5 releases per year either as restricted by Nintendo.

The good news now is no restrictions like that are in place and with the Switch doing so well it's only natural for them to test the market more.

paintedgamer1984313d ago

The switch is def getting better third party support than the wii or wiiu ever did.