Former DICE artist shares screenshots of his incredible new forest Unreal Engine 4 project

Former DICE artist, Ren, has shared some new screenshots and a video for his amazing forest project. This project shows the graphical capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 and explores the limits of real-time rendering.

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OoglyBoogly313d ago

Maybe it's just me but even being the complete graphics whore that I am I just simply cannot STAND these freakin videos. Every few months there's some new Unity or CryEngine or Unreal "tech demo" that shows these engines doing AMAZING work buttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. just can't EVER try them or run them yourself.

You know how many of these types of videos I've seen? You know how many of those videos actually have download links so YOU can try running these demos? Like 1 out of every 100. It's annoying and dumb.

Cool, we see that Unreal can do some unreal graphics...can we try it please? Because, otherwise, this is no different than a video of the real forest or some other obscure demo we'll never get to try.

In other words, screw off with this stuff if we aren't even going to be allowed to "play" it because, otherwise, what's the point? It's like releasing videos for a video game that never releases. A waste of time.

Downvote all you want, I don't care, this stuff is stupid and until these "creators" decide to start sharing their work I'm going to continue calling these dumb pointless VIDEOS (because that's ALL THEY ARE) exactly that, dumb and pointless.

Rude-ro313d ago

😂 was about to say the exact same thing.
How many years have we seen these “tech demos” and have yet to see anything come of it? A decade?

Fishy Fingers313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

That’s because they’re probably running at single FPS on hardware that 99% can’t justify/afford.

Doesn’t bother me though, it’s nice to see the potential of the engine/hardware/creators talent. Computer graphics isn’t, nor should it be, restricted to what you can play on your console today.

Also, no ones forcing you to watch it.

frostypants313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

@Fishy Fingers, sure, but we KNOW these engines can do near-photorealism already. That horse is beaten to death. How many times do we need to see it? We got it. It stopped being impressive at least two years ago. The next step is rendering it increasingly efficiently so it actually becomes practical. Until then these slide shows are tiresome. True, we don't have to look. But we'll call it out if they keep getting headlined.

This is after all a gaming site, note a graphic artist site.

Fishy Fingers313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

How many times do you need to see it? Apparently one more of you chose to click on the article.

There’s simply no logic in complaining about content you picked to look at, there’s no shortage on this site. Be more selective with your clicks. Look at something that interests you.

denawayne313d ago

When games start looking like this, then I'll be impressed. Instead of a pre-baked video, why don't they show us a real time demo with someone walking and looking around in this forest? It's because these videos need to be rendered, just like pixar animation movies.

nitus10312d ago

Well, you can make your own game that uses the Unreal engine for free although if you start to charge for the game then Unreal wants a share of the profits. Of course, you can always design and build your own gaming engine if you feel like you are being ripped off.

Like it or not making a game that can produce these so-called tech demos requires a considerable amount of work and money (it all comes down to money in the end) even with graphics engines such as Unreal which considerably ease the design process. Of course, a bad game with fantastic graphics is still a bad game but it does help considerably when a good game has fantastic graphics.

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frostypants313d ago

No, you're dead-on. It's not impressive anymore. What would impress me is running this on a mainstream hardware build.

313d ago
Goldby313d ago

try watching the video to see that it isn't screenshots....

TheCommentator313d ago

Interesting... a screenshot of photogrammetry...

Yep, it looks photorealistic!