WorthPlaying: Saints Row 2 Review

WorthPlaying writes: "It's been a little over two years since Saints Row debuted on the Xbox 360. As the first open world game to hit the next-generation systems, Saints Row was an ambitious title that, while a lot of fun, wasn't quite as polished as it could have been. Thankfully Saints Row 2 builds on what we saw in the first, giving players a game that not only offers more content, but also feels more developed, both in general gameplay and overall polish.

The first improvement that players will note is the revamped character creation system. It starts you out with four basic body frames, black, white, Asian and Latino and your choice of gender, male or female. From there you can customize to your heart's content. Want to play as a rail-thin, heroin junkie grandma? Go ahead. Feel like re-creating the Joker? You can do it. Want to lumber around the city as Fat Bastard? It's possible. In short, the sky's the limit here as you can tweak just about every major body aspect. Later in the game, you gain the ability to customize your clothes, crib, gang style and cars."

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