GameSpot AU BlizzCon 2008: StarCraft II Hands-On Impressions

GameSpot AU writes: "Over the years StarCraft seems to have become less of a game and more a part of scheduled television broadcasts and pathway to celebrity status in Korea. 2008 marks the 10 year anniversary of the launch of the original game, and what better time than now to reinvigorate the series by mixing things up, but also retaining the known and loved aspects of one of the most iconic RTS titles of all time. We went into our hands-on session with StarCraft II unsure of what to expect. Would this be an entirely new experience and take players on a wild tangential ride into the depths of new space, or would it leverage on the years of goodwill, storylines, and solid game design to create something familiar and accessible? Turns out it it's the latter and we couldn't be happier with the outcome."

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