Star Wars Battlefront II Customisation And Clone Wars DLC Confirmed, Conquest Mode Under Development

From GameWatcher: "We're all familiar with Dennis Brännvall‏ at this point, the DICE developer who consistently updates fans when the rest of the team remains regrettably silent.

On a recent forum post, the Design Director confirmed that both Clone Wars content and customisation options are coming to Battlefront II, while clarifying Conquest mode was under consideration."

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Hungryalpaca311d ago

Looks like you’re alone on that one.

311d ago
frostlatch312d ago

Glad they're working hard to make things better. Wonder what the DLC will be.

Chexs1990312d ago

Customization options they say... But that was impossible, because no one wants a pink Darth Vader ;D

Goldby312d ago

Join me on the Dark Side Luke...


Chexs1990312d ago

Hahaha i'm gonna die laughing if they actually end up putting in a pink Mr. Vader xD

Goldby312d ago

the pc versions already have mods that have changed his suit pink, they are now working on a white version as well

Nodoze312d ago

This is good to hear, but I have to ask....why did it take the backlash to make this happen. I mean, EA, yes I get it. What ever happened to making a quality experience and letting the players enjoy. Best advertising is to release quality. See Witcher 3, See Horizon, see Overwatch etc etc.

Publishers be warned the days of releasing garbage and expecting people to just buy it are OVER.

_-EDMIX-_311d ago

If you look at the history of this development team they have a very long standing history of supporting their games post-launch all you have to do is look at any of the previous Battlefield games or even the last Battlefront.

I don't believe this has anything to do with the backlash because they've always updated their games and add content post-launch.

This isn't really unusual for them

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