What Shadow of the Colossus, Breath of the Wild, and Dark Souls Have in Common

Each game ultimately takes its journey down a different path, but they all begin with a lone wanderer emerging into a desolate world, uncertain of what they're fighting for or even who they are. And with expert combat design and world-building, as well as an overwhelming sense of scale, they make you and the hero feel as if you are one as you face down impossible odds of survival.

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PhoenixUp225d ago

The influence of Shadow of the Colossus knows no bounds

marquisray225d ago

i just cant justify buying the game all over again when it should be free if you own the original like the xbox games.

fenome225d ago

If they completely remade any of those games they would definitely charge you for it.

Blue Point obviously put in work making this and they're only charging $40 for it. I don't understand why you think they should work for free, I wouldn't go to work just out of the kindness of my heart.

SuperSonic91225d ago (Edited 225d ago )

I double dip on SOTC coz I want Sony to make more games like it.
Justified purchase.

We need more games with meaning not just violent and pointless shooters like Halo.

oasdada216d ago (Edited 216d ago )

Halo remasters (halo mcc), and gears 1 remaster wasnt free.. So shutup troll

paintedgamer1984225d ago

These 3 games shouldnt be compared