Neocrisis - PS3: SD vs HD

Neocrisis - Does playing your PS3 on a SD or HD TV make a real difference? Game shown is Resistance 1

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jack who3542d ago

lol SD look like the ps2

pwnsause3542d ago

just like how Halo 3 looks like Halo 2 in SD on the 360 ROFL

pwnsause3542d ago

why would I, you should be the one crying. ROFL LOL

Rick Astley3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

Actually Halo 3, even on a HDTV, looks like Halo 2 lol. Halo 3 is not HD remember? It's 640p. And it doesn't support textures either. Every game released on PS3 looks better than Halo 3. The Conduit also, a Wii game, looks better than Halo 3. The 360 was maxed out back in 2006 by a game that goes by the name of Gears of War. Want proof? Well, every other exclusive that came after failed to impress. Look at this. Unreal Engine 3 at it's finest.

And so now you know why Epic releases bullshots that have no HUD. They're ashamed of the way Queers of War 1.5 looks. 360 for the win!

El_Colombiano3541d ago

On a serious note, I wonder if the 360 will ever have a game that looks better than anything using that trash middleware engine, Unreal Engine 3...

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iamtehpwn3541d ago

for a more fair comparison he should have used 480i on the flat screen, instead of using a CRT.

But, still. HD Ftw.

Ju3541d ago

Why would you want to do 480i on a flat screen ?

iamtehpwn3541d ago

he took a physical picture of the screens.
CRT's look EXTREMELY Crappy when you take a picture of them with a digital camera, in essence, its sort of a bias screen survey.

Ju3541d ago

Yeah, but the only reason there is a 480i is because of CRTs. Sure, not objective, but why would it need to be ?

Mozilla893541d ago

I have a PS3 and yes there is a difference when you play obviously its the same difference you get with a 360. Of course you can't tell with those ridiculous pics.

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Heaven_Or_Hell3542d ago

Resistance SD looks like a 1st Generation Xbox1 title... o_O'

PimpHandStrong3542d ago



i could barely read the text on my old TV. When i got my 1080p and used the HDMI hook up it was night and day!

FantasyStar3541d ago

That's the only reason I switched to HD. I was frustrated when trying to read the small text that couldn't be down-scaled. Other than that, I couldn't care less for HD vs. SD. Just being able to read the text was enough for me to upgrade. That and the DTV transition.

Nitrowolf23542d ago

lol of course its a huge difference
and rather then doing it on R1, why dont they do a game that goes full 1080
sorry if im mistaking, i dont know if R1 does 1080

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