Final Fantasy’s most insane villain is also insanely handsome without makeup

RN24: "We’re not talking about pretty boy swordsman Sephiroth, but crazy clown dictator Kefka after you wash away all that makeup."

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FallenAngel1984224d ago

Name one main villain who isn’t handsome or beautiful

Except for Exdeath of course

moegooner88223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Jujudormah from Onimusha 2 isn't a main vilian, but man she was something else.

SuperSonic91223d ago

FF VI Remake please on PS4

Alucard_420223d ago

@Supersonic ####SPOILER#### Yes I agree with you best FF game, the only game where the villain actually destroys the world. Such a great game and story don't understand the downvotes for you really.

Lord_Sloth222d ago

Idk what you're on about. Exdeath is gorgeous!

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mafiahajeri223d ago (Edited 223d ago )

Too bad the same can't be said about 90% of girls xD

Remove their makeup and a wild Pokemon will appear xD

drunkenspy007223d ago

I'll go by the original Yoshitaka Amano sketches which design inspired all others and was original artwork for FF6. This... is just stupid.

pasta_spice223d ago

To be fair, even Amano didn't draw him as an unattractive guy. He had a big nose, but the rest of his face wouldn't be called ugly.

drunkenspy007222d ago

Didn't call him unattractive, but it's a toon, ffs. This article seems pointless.