What Red Dead Redemption 2 Means for PlayStation this Holiday Season

This week on the Torphy Room, well Joe and Kyle are sick with the flu. But, still talk about the magic of Celeste, Kaz Hirai stepping down as CEO, Red Dead Redemption sets to shake up PlayStation's 2018 line up, PlayStation Gold Headsets get a new look, more Crash too come, and should Sony make a PUBG clone?
What we've been playing: 00:00 16:30
Kaz steps down: 16:35 - 27:03
RED DEAD's Release Date! 27:05 - 48:00
More Crash Bandicoot to Come and gold headphones!!! 48:05 - 58:00
PUBG on PS4 Do we need it? 58:03 - Fin

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guywazeldatatt223d ago

It means Rockstar wins. XB1 May see bump in sales.

KwietStorm223d ago

Kinda went the other direction there, huh?

223d ago
Atticus_finch223d ago

Means a lot of sales for PS4 bundles.

Hardiman223d ago

It means Sony will move more PS4's!