Will The PS5 And Next Xbox Be The Final Physical Consoles?

GB: "Allow me to throw a little factoid your way: We are now closer to the year 2045 than to the year 1990. If the talking heads are even halfway accurate, we’re set to see a lot of transformative change in the next 27-odd years: quantum computing, strong AI, always-on AR overlays…the list goes on."

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goatking310d ago

Ps5 will continue the way playstation has been for years. I doubt xbox will even have a next gen with how bad the xbox one has failed.

Elda310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Not really but less relevant.

Cyborgg310d ago

Compared to the Xbox 360... YES

Cyborgg310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Are you sure Xbox one is at 35+ million??🤔

Kingthrash360310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

@343....when your goal was 200 million...that's more than failing.
When the switch sales half of what you sold in less than a year than you did I'm 5...yeah that's failure.
When you sell half of what you did last gen....yes you failed.

blacktiger310d ago

35 million or 35 billion makes no difference if there is no profits. From what I'm hearing they are losing billions of dollar!

_-EDMIX-_310d ago

Microsoft they might consider it failing

they're going to question what's the point in being in a market that they're being continuously out sold every single Generation by PlayStation.

So I would say that Microsoft is more likely to become a third-party publisher. They're already releasing games multi-platform and trust me the higher-ups at Microsoft are going to start questioning what's the point of spending billions to roll out a system that cannot outsell the competition.

I don't think the higher-ups are going to continue to want to see Hardware rolled out that isn't selling as well.

They might want to see that Electronic Arts Activision type money....

343_Guilty_Spark310d ago


The earnings report say Xbox is making a healthy profit

darthv72310d ago

All depends on how you look at it. 35 million, the xbo is already the 2nd best selling xbox system from Ms. PS4 is shy of 80 million making it the 4th best selling PS platform from Sony. Chances are it will surpass the PS3 to become the 3rd best selling PS system but there is no chance the xbo will pass the 360 so it will remain the 2nd best xbox unless something else comes along to best it.

Competition is not just about one company vs another, it also means how well something does against other iterations from the same company. So with that out of the way....

Yes there will be a PS5 (pretty much guaranteed to be revealed in 2019 at least) as well as an Xbox Too (or whatever its called) to be revealed after the PS5. MS will likely ride out the X for at least the next 4 years seeing as it was 4 years between the xbo and the X so it should likely be another 4 years before a replacement. Sony is 5-7 years between initial releases and since the Pro came out 3 years after the base model it is safe to say a PS5 would be at least 3 years after that making its reveal at least 2019.

Will both still use physical media....? I'd lean towards the no side on that one. Especially since the games this gen never even played from the media anyways. It was just a means to install for those who wanted physical everyone else just went with downloading their games to play. If they did decide to keep a physical drive then it would be primarily for BC and movie playback. But given Sony and their lack of even having UHD on the Pro and saying their own findings were that people were more into streaming than physical... they may just stick to that and forgo having a physical drive all together.

anyone who wants to play a BC game I'm betting Sony would just make it so you can check your account history for previous games (even those installed from disc) and allow them to be downloaded and played. It's all just "what if" so obviously nothing is written in stone.

Shiken310d ago

The issue is not the 35 mil right now, the X1 is not a complete failure.

The problem is the shrinking XBox fanbase and whether or not it will be worth a new console. I think their will be one more gen for XBox. If they continue to fall behind however, they will pull the plug after that. But anything can happen. Look at the Switch following the WiiU, nothing is certain, everything is permitted.

All in all, the big three need to be healthy all around to drive competition, for all our sake.

Dragonscale310d ago

Its not only failing but also an exaggeration of xbone sales figures.

Edito309d ago

When you look at the number from other companies it's definitely a fail when the competitors are doubling your numbers and newcomers are about to get ur numbers i can't call that success.

If samsung sells for example 100.000.000 Samrtphones and Apple sells billions of iphones i will call samsung numbers impressive but failing the competition.

indyman7777309d ago

The article is also talking about having a full generation machine after PS5, then iterations.

If the Xbox two and PS5 both have native 8k and 60fps AND SOMETHING ELSE like a TV has Extra power to both PLAY the game and display the game it is a possibility. Something has to display the game, and something has to processing the game that takes a lot of graphical horse power. Something a TV or VR is not going to have laying around.

Last time I check my 3500$4k TV can play play stuff a little more demanding than the old games on playstation now.

SuperbVillain309d ago

Asian Parents: Why only 35+ Million, why no 40+ million

RacerX309d ago

Maybe Nintendo got it right, and all future gaming consoles will be "mobile." If we have the technology for amazing graphics in such a small platform, that sounds pretty cool to me.

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S2Killinit310d ago

Microsoft will have many more consoles, but Microsoft's consoles will be less and less consoles than PCs dedicated to xbox as a service. With Playstation I'm not sure if Sony will follow Microsoft into the full-fledge games as service and integration of consoles into PC gaming. If Microsoft succeeds in dissolving console gaming into PC gaming I think Sony will be in trouble. But then, we won't be fighting over which console is best because xbox won't even be 'console gaming' anyway.

As for the title: consoles will always be, its just that they may not be "consoles" as we know them anymore.

343_Guilty_Spark310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Sony is very interested in GAAS as evidenced by PS NOW

Christopher310d ago

Uhh... Guilty, that's subscription model not service model. Two completely different things.

GaaS is aimed at monetizing a game for longer by encouraging players to continually play then longer than just until the next big thing comes out. Subscription models don't encourage playing games for longer but having a wide library of games to play for a monthly fee rather than individual costs.

NecrumOddBoy310d ago

Gamingbolt trash article. Sony will continue. Who cares if Microsoft makes another console, if even they don't?

343_Guilty_Spark310d ago (Edited 310d ago )


Ok so which game on Xbox is GAAS?

Why is Xbox Game pass called GAAS but PS Now isn’t?

Christopher310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

***Ok so which game on Xbox is GAAS?***

Halo 5, Forza games, Sea of Thieves. Pretty much games that promote long-term gains with lootboxes/microtransactions or season pass/DLC. People who pay for lootboxes/microtransactions result in 'free' DLC to continue playing, but the 'free' DLC would never happen without the people paying additional for those type of things (Halo 5 and Sea of Thieves). People buy Season Passes for access to long term content in Forza and the like.

Many companies are adopting the GaaS model, but some models are more acceptable to the public than others. Ubisoft does Season Passes and 'in game' coinage, but they did away with 'lootboxes' of a sort and never went full in. EA has gone full on board with lootboxes and some of their games have done so at a level that is Pay-2-Win in nature (latest UFC game) or done at a rate that purposefully slows down natural progress to encourage more people to buy with real-world cash (BF2).

***Why is Xbox Game pass called GAAS but PS Now isn’t?***

Game Pass itself IS NOT GaaS. Anyone who says that is wrong.

BUT! And this is an unknown but! Considering how Microsoft has commented on desires to focus on GaaS games, such as those mentioned above, and they are presenting a Game Pass for only $12 a month with access to brand new games on date of release which can be started/stopped at any time, what people are questioning is how much more of a focus might be put on GaaS for future games to make up for the possible lack of funding if people subscribe for a month or three and pay less for the game than if they had bought it at release for the $60 price tag.

So, Game Pass isn't GaaS but it could lead to the implementation of more GaaS features to make up possible loss of revenue for doing away with single-point entry costs per game rather than grouped pricing of subscriptions.


Edit: You would be right to cite Sony's use of Season Passes (which have greatly declined since last generation it seems) and cosmetic microtransactions in MP games for their use of GaaS in their games, though (Uncharted, TLoU). They have not gone as far as Ubisoft, EA, or even Microsoft with GaaS, but they are not free of such criticism.

chuckyj1310d ago

So Sony isn't interested in DLC for their games... Release a base model game and that's it no PAID DLC comes out no expansions with a fee? Wouldn't that be GaaS? As you need to pay to access additional content for a game you already own... Anyone who says no gaming company is interested in GaaS... is Full of S**** or doesn't know what they are talking about... plain and simple. All companies want to MAXIMIZE profits especially for AAA releases beyond their initial $60 purchase and that's a fact. And ultimately that is what GaaS is... To get additional money out of a previously released game.

rainslacker310d ago

Who calls Game Pass GaaS? Game pass is a service that provides games, but the games themselves may or may not be games that fall in the GaaS category. SoT, CD3, and likely other games in the future will probably fall into that category though.

343_Guilty_Spark310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Interesting @Christopher.

So Sony has no games with DLC, or microtranctions? None of their games are receiving additional paid content?

Lies much?

Christopher310d ago

***So Sony has no games with DLC, or microtranctions? None of their games are receiving additional paid content?

Lies much?***

That's the exact opposite of what I said...

hamburgerhill309d ago

"Gamingbolt trash article. Sony will continue. Who cares if Microsoft makes another console, if even they don't?"

Gamers with different opinions and taste care!

MasterCornholio309d ago


Stop twisting Christophers words to suit your agenda.

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BumpFrankie310d ago

I hope that makes you feel better.

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Smitty2020310d ago

I think Xbox will have another bash too try redeem themselves

RacerX309d ago

I hope MS does. I mean, even if you HATE MS, they have pushed Sony to the level they compete at now. And Sony really stretched MS too. Competition is good, and I don't think a world with Sony VS Nintendo is the best competition. Sales they compete well, but style and games and services? Not so much.

AngelicIceDiamond310d ago

Too bad Spencer already hinted at another console, try again.

OffRoadKing310d ago

Xbox will have another gen, what exactly that will look like remains to be seen based on Microsoft's digital focus but rest assured they will have another gen so lets not do that ok, it just ends up inviting the worst people.

Professor_K310d ago

Get ready to be proven wrong lol.😄

UCForce310d ago

Well, I don’t think so. MS completely full focus on digital and Gaas. And Sony ? They do, too. But less focus than MS.

mandingo310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

So you come to this conclusion based on Xbox not selling as well as last gen? Microsoft has so much money why would they abandon Xbox, it makes money. You don’t think do you?

shaggy2303309d ago

As far as I can tell, it looks like the Xbox One is (or was back in Jan 2017 anyway) selling ahead of Xbox 360, but only slightly.

If anyone has more up to date info then please enlighten us all.

Sitdown310d ago

That's right, go with a controversial answer that feeds the fanboy flame.

mark_parch310d ago

i think this will be my last ever visit to the comment sections on N4G. The hate the N4G community has for Microsoft is making any sensible debate about my hobby impossible and frustrating. Most youtubers report on N4G articles anyway.


It’s sickening ain’t it....

FyBy309d ago

I cant agree. PS is doing great and XB is doing ok. Next generation will be much more service oriented. There can be more subscription like xbox game pass and psNow for any device (PC, tv with controller, handheld,....). Sony is doing really really well. But look at PS2->PS3 transition. It was matter of months...when Kaz showed price....and MS took lead. This gen MS tried similar stuff with price, obligatory kinect, etc...and even now they are try to control the damage made. When new generation comes, both companies will play from start. More services and more continuity means you are more tied to a brand. So I think even Sony will look on BC with transition to PS5, because PS4 game lineup is stronger than ever.

But XB brand can have also great start for next gen. It depends on price point, gamer friendly services and new exclusive ips.

Codedan309d ago

Rofl, how can you be so ignorant? I guess developers who don’t sell the most games, but have profit should just quit making games because of your philosophy.

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8bitswarrior310d ago

As Shao Khan once said: "Don`t make me laugh!!!"

309d ago
RacerX309d ago

Actually, Shao Khan said "Don't make me RAFF!"

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Hardiman310d ago

Possibly but I hope not!