Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.52 is LIVE

Almost a year after release and Guerrilla Games are still frequently updating Horizon Zero Dawn. Update 1.52 is LIVE to download.

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leahcim190d ago

thank for updating this masterpiece. My little daughter is begining its first ride on the game!

yeahokwhatever189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

*her. and mine, too. :-)

189d ago
indyman7777189d ago

That's awesome to hear guys! Appreciate the comment. I don't have a daughter but I'm glad they have some positive media.

Lamboomington189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

About your daughter - is it human ?


Xenophon_York189d ago

Lamboonington, I thought that was kind of funny. Amazing how hard it is for readers to take a joke, recently.

FoxyGotGame189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

@Xenophon_York @Lamboomington @Leahcim

So you found it funny Xeno .. are others supposed to find it funny simply because you did (Rhetorical) ? ... your thoughts on other ppls sense of humour isn't worth a red cent in the grand scheme of things, and the same can be stated re; my opinion on your worthless post.

Seems these days, so many actually believe what enters their mind is somehow more important than anyone else's. Not sure the individual even wanted running commentary about their Daughter, but it is funny to me that you honed in on that aspect and mention nothing about the actual HZD update. Perhaps you should keep it gaming, and get over yourself.

Anyhoo, another awesome update, for an awesome game ...

Usperg189d ago

Cool you got one of those Daughter bots too....

DeadSilence190d ago

Damn work on the sequel should be going well too!

inveni0189d ago

Yeah, when updates are still rolling out a year later, it means the engine is still getting polish, which means they're using it for something. Excited to see what's next, though they can take their time. Lots of great stuff coming soon from all around us.

Travis3708190d ago

I hope that sequel is in development right now as well. I need another ASAP!

Rimeskeem189d ago

I’m not sure if I want a “sequel”. Definitely same world tho!

Foxhound922189d ago

We already know there will be a sequel. Sylens has captured the remnants of Hades to use himself. I'm sure he's up to no good and that visual cue at the end was a hint for the next game.

yeahokwhatever189d ago

I wish that Guerrilla Games made Monster Hunter.

UnHoly_One189d ago

No thanks, they are different games and are both awesome.

ocelot07189d ago

Why? Both a pretty damn good games. However, I think GG can borrow some features from MH for HZD2. Like the online co op ect.

IamTylerDurden1189d ago

Umm Horizon was supposed to have co op but it was scrapped last minute. Horizon 2 will likely have it.

Nexus530189d ago

MHW's online Co-op structure is the LAST thing it should borrow!

Goldby189d ago

definfitly since Death Stranding is having co-op mechanics built into it, will probably use some form of that for their next game

ILostMyMind189d ago

Not a bad idea, but Capcom's MHW is a very good game. Sony has many titles that are being wasted now. Guerrilla could grab some of them.

yeahokwhatever189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

MHW is amazing, no doubt. But the UI is weird, convoluted, and unnecessarily complicated. There's a ton of unnecessary complexity to really simple things in MH. The entire lobby system is weird. I'm sure with 30 hours or so into the game I'll be used to it, but the UI's learning curve is silly for what is actually a really simple game. There's a smoothness and quickness to Horizon that just isn't present in MH. Both in menus and gameplay.

kydrice189d ago

I would KILL for a ropecaster in MHW.

sampsonon189d ago

it is a little repetitive isn't it?

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