Pokemon GO Upcoming Update Will Introduce The Single-Player Quest

Following the release of Pokemon GO version 0.91.1 for Android and 1.61.1 for iOS yesterday, data miners have finally cracked the hidden updates that will be coming to Pokemon GO. According to the data mine report,

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KrushBait11d ago

The fan base of Pokemon GO will surely increase once again. Lol

JohnSniper11d ago

When gen 3 was released, old players who already stopped playing the game returned. :D

ClanPsi111d ago

Really? Gen 3 just makes me want them to bring back the Legendary Birds so I can finally catch them and uninstall the app from my phone.

10d ago
JKSimmons11d ago

Long overdue. Doubt it will seriously bring back a load of disgruntled players.

Bismarn11d ago

A time portal from 2016 has opened. My god we might have a chance. Someone scream "Don't vote for Trump!" into the portal!