4 Achievements (And 1 Big Failure) by Sony Under the Kazuo Hirai Era

Twinfinite writes: "Kazuo Hirai had a keen eye for detail, a passion for Sony products, and worked tirelessly to change a money-losing PlayStation product into pixel perfection."

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FTLmaster283d ago

Gonna miss Kaz Hirai. He's done fans proud and helped propel the good ship PlayStation in the right direction.

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Yukes283d ago

The PS3 launch was a major misstep but what a position Kaz has left the PlayStation brand in now. Basically going from strength to strength.

dirkdady282d ago

I think we all know it was Ken kuteragi and massive influence going above Kaz's head that was culprit in PS3 misstep in price. Shortly after Ken left Kaz did a fantastic job making it a success. But as the saying goes the buck stops at kaz as he was technically head of Sony Ken or not.

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fenome282d ago

The price for what you got at the time of the PS3 launch was actually a steal, even Sony's bluray players were still $1000 back then. It was more marketing and messaging mishaps, especially the "get a second job" thing taken out of context.

iN_4G_form282d ago (Edited 282d ago )


No… What you and “all” those who agree with you claim to know is a revision of history. Ken didn’t need to go over the head of Kaz to do anything because he was the head -- the buck stopped with him, full stop. And even after Ken retired, Kaz still sought to have input from Ken:

“You know that he's a man full of ideas, and that resulted in what we know today as the PlayStation business. And that benefits not just us and Sony, but all the publishers, the retailers, and ultimately consumers - so he built an empire. And that was really one of the great ideas that he had. And, you know, he is still full of a lot of different ideas, some of which we just can't do in a Sony Computer Entertainment environment. I think he just wanted to branch out and really try on some of these new ideas, because he once told me - not too long ago - he said, "I'm not getting any younger, but I have so many things I want to do, and I'm going to get out there and try these ideas" - and all credit to him. And he's still our Honorary Chairman, and I still look to him for advice once in a while, and he's certainly willing to say, you know what, this is what you need to be doing, this is how you should look at a certain issue. So he's obviously not fully engaged, but if I ask him to, he will engage, but in the meantime, he's working on some of his dreams, and I am very excited to see that he's been giving that a lot of thought and now decided to move on; I'm keeping a close eye on him because he has some great ideas which I know are going to be the next big thing.” -- Kaz Hirai. Kikizo Archives, 2007. http://archive.videogamesda...

Kaz did a “fantastic job” making the PS3 a success partly because Ken was in his ear, and partly because Ken had done a number of things prior to retiring (to include the acquisition of SN Systems to improve PS3 software development and the handing over of 2-years’ worth of PS3 designs to reduce costs) which made Kaz’s job a whole lot easier.

JackBNimble282d ago

Explain to me what the ps3 misstep was, releasing a year after the 360 in NA and 1 1/2 years in EU?
Because they seemed to come back from the 360's 8million lead/Headstart.
I think any misstep is a misconception.
Just look at ps4 and Xbox one, they started out even, now look at them.

thorstein282d ago

"I think any misstep is a misconception. "

Of course it is. But this is the internet and reality and facts don't do well here. Ever "google" a question and Wikipedia is the top return? Yeah. No thanks.

If you look up Blade Runner 2049, you'd think the movie tanked. It profited $100 million. But again, this is the internet. Facts don't belong here.

Persian_Immortal282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

Maybe some saw it as a misstep cause it didn't sell over a 100 Million+ like the PS1 and PS2 I mean if we look at from a software perspective Game Of The Year became a thing in 2003 PS2 for how mighty and impressive it was had no Overall Goty winners, PS3 had 2 Overall Goty winners both of them being from Naughty Dog, Uncharted 2 and The Last Of US with nearly 500 in combined Goty awards. in a era where Exclusive games never win Goty this happened on the PS3 not once but twice and only recently in 2017 a Nintendo first party game won Overall Goty for the first time.

Furthermore Tlou was the record holder for Goty until Witcher 3 dethroned it in 2015. The PS4 is a beast and already has 1 overall Goty winner which won 165 goty awards, whatever so called misstep the PS3 was it sure elevated Sony to higher status both in software and hardware and Naughty Dogs struggles and battles with the PS3 hardware made them what they are today.

Direwolf484282d ago

@thorstein Because it did tank. It grossed more than the production budget but that doesn't include marketing. It would've needed nearly $400 million to make a profit.

OffRoadKing282d ago

People like to use the starting price point as a reason to bash the PS3, it was largely blown out of proportion but when theres little else to attack it for you go after the easiest target.

Death282d ago

The PS3 misstep was going from having 75% market share to around 30%. Sony sold just over half as many PS3’s as they did PS2’s. Xbox went from having 25 million to 80 million consoles sold and Nintendo went from 25 to over 110 million. While competitors grew, Sony lost quite a bit.

PS4 has sold very well, selling close to 80 million in half the time it took PS3. Xbox One sales have been pacing just under Xbox 360. WiiU did poorly for Nintendo, but Switch is breaking records.

Aura7541282d ago


The XB1 has already been pacing behind the 360 since the beginning of 2017.

rainslacker282d ago

I think they made some business missteps, mostly by releasing a console at a substantial loss which caused a lot of lost profitability.

As far as the misstep on the consumer side though, that's not really so. That was just fan boy nonsense propelled by a sudden influx of Xbox owners, fueled by a new media style that was more tabloid than actual journalism.

It would have been a misstep had they released a console that no one wanted, but I'd say considering how the PS3 sold both initially, and through the generation, that people wanted the system. They lost market share, but that was more because of how Xbox 360 entered the market, and sustained good momentum throughout the generation.

thorstein279d ago


That's not how it works. 100 million in profit is 100 million in profit. The production budget was 150 million. That includes marketing. Whoever told you that the production budget doesn't include marketing is lying to you.

The movie grossed 259 million in sales. The math is easy here. I said profit of 100 million but if you prefer, it was actually 109 million.

That isn't tanking.

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Lokii282d ago

At least that mistake was fixed very quickly

S2Killinit282d ago

overall this guy has done a fantastic job with Sony.

bluefox755282d ago (Edited 282d ago )

I wouldn't call the PS3 launch a big failure, because it paid off in the end, even if it was rough early on.

AmstradAmiga282d ago

The launch was in terrible and forced Sony to revamp the PS3 early on and remove features. By the end of its lifecycle it was a success but still nowhere near as successful as the PS2.

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