SCEJ Announces Open Beta Service for Home

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, a division of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. responsible for business operations in Japan, announced today that it will start PlayStation®Home Open Beta Service within this calendar year.

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ThatCanadianGuy3540d ago

That would be beyond awesome.I'd like to walk around with a
"Solid eye" or Snake's Bandana..the possibilities are endless!

C_SoL3540d ago

.....trophies weren't worth nothing.

sackboy says hi3540d ago

sackboys says home will be worth the wait.. :)

good things come to dose who wait ;)

deeznuts3540d ago

'weren't worth nothing"

my super duper double negative decoder ring says that you think, Trophies are worthless.

Mozilla893540d ago

This should be really cool. Although we'll also know at a glance the people that do nothing but play a single game all day for that one impossible trophy lol.

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Raoh3540d ago

glad to see more info on possible Game to HOME interaction

Bloodshedder3540d ago

so no october 19 release ?

TheWickedOne3540d ago

oct 19???? Where you get that from the official forum or PS Blog??? Or some flame site.

FaSeCeX3540d ago

i think he meant november 19th..its suppose to release with nxe as far as i know

Ben10543540d ago

this is just what i wanted, exclusive item for people with higher levels. so there is now a reason to get my level up. woo

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The story is too old to be commented.