You Can Now Hire A Call Of Duty Coach

Just as you might seek the advice of a football coach, you can now hire a Call of Duty coach to help you in the game's online multiplayer.

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strayanalog307d ago

In today's gaming climate I'm not really surprised, but it sounds like a good way to make money doing something you like, so I can't condemn or condone.

Omnisonne306d ago

Heavy focus on competitive and professional league gaming.

I feel for the people actually paying someone to coach them in a videogame, seems like a ripoff to me, but oh well.

strayanalog306d ago

A prevailing influence, which is a prettier way of saying modern gaming. Not weather if that's what you're thinking. haha.
Then it would be:‎ socially connected clouds in the AM, with a chance of political correctness. Expect delays because of the need to be a part of something because it's trending, patterns of league play to follow.

opinionated306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Yeah it is more viable now with YouTube self promotion and sponsors. But chances are that if the average joe needs a coach then they’re probably not going to make it lol. Sorry pal, get a real job. A coach for team strategy would make sense for a team that is already naturally good. If I was playing for a million dollars I would probably hire an analyzer and strategist as well.

In solo stuff like fighting games you can’t teach lol, you have to make your own style. Or spam fireballs. I guess that’s why a “game coach” seemed jarring to me at first.

Cy306d ago

God I hate modern society.

CorndogBurglar306d ago

If someone is really serious about getting in to professional gaming then I suppose I can understand. But anything short of that is a bit ridiculous.

306d ago
Cy306d ago

You know what, actually I take this back. If this leads to a Cool Runnings type movie where a bunch of ragtag video game fans from a country that doesn't have internet has a dream to compete in professional gaming and the disgraced CoD champion who was stripped of his title and banned from competition for saying the N word during a livestream trains them for his own jaded reasons but eventually learns the true meaning of being human while coaching his team to an eventual come from behind almost victory where their controllers come unplugged during the final round but while their heavily favored South Korean rivals are laughing at them they stand up proud and all plug the controllers back in thereby winning the symbolic victory and showing that they can compete with the best of the competitive players in the world, *then* I'll be okay with this.

1nsomniac306d ago

This makes me feel sad inside.

TheSinsibleOne306d ago

Christ people are just letting stupidity rule the world. There needs to be another WW or something so people can actually focus on things that matter. Get real problems!

thesoftware730306d ago

why not just google call of duty tips and tricks? its not like going to the gym where you need motivation to get off your ass or you can injure yourself. what if a person just dont have twitch reflexes, after you pay them, they will say "sorry kid, your hopeless"

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