Ancestors Legacy Launching on May 22 with Native 4K on Xbox One X; Crossplay Being Considered

Wccftech got in touch with Destructive Creations to talk about Ancestors Legacy, the RTS game due to hit PC and Xbox One on May 22. The game will run at native 4K on Xbox One X and the developers said there might be cross-play, too.

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LavaLampGoo225d ago

We're seeing a lot about crossplay being considered at the minute but I hope by the end of the year we've got a more concrete expectation for it

225d ago
KaiPow225d ago

RTS is one of those genres that's really underserved on consoles. Hopefully it does well for the Halo Wars 2 audience!

Imp0ssibl3225d ago

Yet another true 4K game for the X.

Cybermario225d ago

a lot promise crossplay, few get it done, hope this time is true. Also yay RTS!

timotim225d ago

It looks interesting. Lets see how it pans out.