Week recap: PS3 No. 6; Xbox 360 Holiday; Wii Music

Punch Jump Week Recap. Stories include:

Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 ranked as the No. 6 game hardware in the latest Japan sales. It ranked last overall among all video game hardware.

PS3 owners this week snapped up LittleBigPlanet beta codes from USA Today in a free giveaway promotion. The beta codes allow owners to test drive the title prior to release.

Microsoft this week released new Xbox 360 Holiday Bundles to retail. The new SKUs included bonus games to provided added value to consumers.

Microsoft this week said it will raise its Xbox 360 sales forecast in Japan. Sales have increased since a hardware price cut went in effect on Sept. 1.

Advanced sales for Wii Music this week increased at retail. The title will be sold in Oct.

Nintendo this week released a new wave of WiiWare and Virtual Console titles to Wii. New offerings include Midnight Bowling, Mario Golf, and Shining Force II.

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Internet Trolling Ex3540d ago

Lets see if microsoft can outsell the ps3 in japan for the remainder of the year

Shadow Man3539d ago

First: It will never outsell the ps3 in Japan.
Second: It just for one week.
Third: Let see now for a month.
Now remainder of the year?
Whats next?
Xbox 360 is doing good in Japan, accepted.

lawman11083539d ago

Nuff said. Funny how it went from "The 360 will NEVER outsell the PS3 in Japan" To the PS3 being DEAD LAST in sales in Japan. Ha-ha

ProfessionalTroll3540d ago

I'm shocked,I thought every Japanese household already had a microwave,therefore,would not need to purchase a failbox?

LightningPS3PS33540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

360 has some wanted games in Japan this holiday and a much lower price.

PS3 has nothing and it seems like Sony is doing nothing but letting 360 go on it's audition to impress Square enough to get FFXIII.

Sony is who knows, not worrying. They will try to act surprised when the announcement comes in 2009 that the game is releasing simultaneous on both consoles in Japan.

And then Japan will also be lost for PS3. How disappointed is that? After PS3 surpassed 360's install base on it's first day of launch. Meaning people in Japan clearly wanted PS3 more than 360, Sony still managed to blow Japan. That's just sad.

Man how disappointing has Sony been this gen

thetan50003540d ago

Really? Ps3 has nothing? ROFL!

Troll zone is over there lady>>>

Panthers3539d ago

White Knight Chronicles comes out X-mas day. So they have something.

juuken3539d ago

...Sony has nothing, no one single game.
Hello to ignore list Lightning.
Enjoy your stay.

Breakfast3540d ago ps-6th.

To much fanboyisms here, for me to handle.


Denges3540d ago

u were funny

now ur just irratating

but i guess that what you want.. so congratulations

Breakfast3540d ago

Now its nothing but the truth.

xbox is the best

You cant get much more truthful then that.


Denges3540d ago


now that made me laugh.. welcome back

pansenbaer3540d ago

You know what I just thought of...? I wonder what its like on the Japanese forums. Like, do you really think the Japanese 360 fans are like, "Dude, did you hear Resident Evil 5 is going to be on the 360 now? Its game over for Sony in America!" Or the PS3 fans, "Just wait. LittleBigPlanet is going to release and you can kiss the 360 goodbye!" I just can't bring myself to imagine that Japan actually gives a crap and that they have these stupid arguments.

gaminoz3539d ago

That's intersting...fanboy wars in Japan translated...I wonder what they say. I think the only reason Sony is plunging in sales is the price. Let's face it...if you are after gaming and you aren't after a particular Sony title or blu ray, why buy the PS3 when the 360 has plenty of great games and a much lower price.

I have all next gen consoles but the math seems obvious to me for those with limited funds.

wazborn3539d ago

I actually agree with u.. for the japs to go buy 360 for the jrpgs it goes to shw they dont give a shyt about what system it is .. they are after the game... not like the dumb western fanboy crap shyt that are either ps3 or xbox360 loyalist and wont touch a great game coz its on the other system... its rediculous.. and very immature in my opinion ...

goes to show u how sad fanboyism is.. its pathetic

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