New Features Coming to PS4 in System Software 5.50

PlayStation Blog: "The beta for the PlayStation 4 system’s next major system software update 5.50 (codenamed KEIJI) rolls out today. If you signed up and were selected for the beta program, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download and get started."

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OffRoadKing309d ago

"Import Custom Wallpapers", about damn time.

AnubisG309d ago

Yes!!!! I've been waiting for this for so long😁

309d ago
inveni0308d ago

@UltraNova, It's likely an issue with how their databases are structured. If they weren't created with changing names in mind, they could easily have been created in a very, very wrong way for changing names. Especially with the way the Sony company is structured into parts. If user names are "keys" for each different database, then allowing users to change those keys could require the complete restructuring of several databases that are each millions of rows deep.

However, they could be just waiting until it's absolutely necessary to include the feature. They have to prioritize features based on what makes money. And changing names doesn't make money.

Aceman18309d ago

The ppl constantly complaining about their names kills me lol. Maybe these ppl should have thought it through before putting something stupid lol.

Az1mov309d ago

Dude I chose my ID back in 08, 10y ago, I was stupid back then ;) things change... u know

manabyte77309d ago

That’s not a fair thing to say. I made my screename in 2006 when PSN was born. I was a lot younger then. Who’d have guessed I’d still be using that same screen name twelve years later? If anything, I think it was assumed name changes wouldn’t necessarily be permanently locked. MS does it.

Skankinruby309d ago

My first name was a nickname my ex wife gave me. Things change, I had to give up all my trophies to change that name it should would have been nice to just rename my account

trooper_309d ago

Nothing wrong with that option.

Aceman18309d ago

Yes I understand all that's but the constant complaining does get old lol. They'll allow it eventually lol. I'm still rocking my original name from back in the day and I'm cool with it lol.

_-EDMIX-_309d ago

I don't even get the whole name thing as its so weird.

I don't actually care what my name looks like online so much as I'm able to just play.

badz149309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

I came up with this username in 2002 and still uses it today in almost all of my online accounts. 16 years and regrets!

what I really wanted to change is my email add that I use for this account. my email domain changed recently and it has been a hassle everytime I get an email from PS. and then I had a working US account last gen and no I can't access it because I forgot the password after I changed it during the 2011 breach and I can't access my mail I use for that email any longer because I changed my workplace. my bad for using an organisation account but I was young and only tried making the US account because I didn't think I would use it as much back then. so...I kinda lost all my stuff in that account. luckily I didn't buy much but this wouldn't have happen if we can change email account.

UltraNova309d ago

To be honest name change should have been implemented years ago. But, I understand that there might be tremendous legal and safety complications to overcome first.

I'm no expert on the matter, maybe someone else can explain why this is taking Sony so long.

inveni0308d ago

I'm using the same internet call sign I've had since 1995. I created it when I was thirteen years old, and it continues to be a large part of my identity. But my son(s) have accounts I created for them when they were about four years old. When you're four, you only like one thing, and that's your name. When you're older, that goes away, and you start finding your own identity. All of my kids have wanted to change their PSN name at some point. It would be nice if they'll eventually get to. They've been playing on PlayStation for more than a decade now. Giving that up shouldn't be something Sony requires. Sony should put in the work and respect their loyalty to the brand.

Neonridr308d ago

what?? You mean "ButtMuncher2001" wasn't a good idea when I was like 13? :P

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leoms309d ago

guy, when they roll out the name change update they will complain about something else

Eidolon309d ago

PSN Name change, Custom Wallpapers. Been wanted for years, almost 8 for the name change.

Str8Chaos74309d ago

Maybe, but ever other online service there is will let you change your name. It's stupid that you cannot for PSN,

TheSinsibleOne309d ago

Couldn't you already do that? Iv got a custom made Metal gear solid theme on my PS4.

OffRoadKing309d ago

No, applying a pre-made custom theme and importing whatever picture you want from a USB to use as your wallpaper background are two very different things.

_-EDMIX-_309d ago


I like that we could use screenshots for our background, but I want some of those custom themes I mean I'm not going to make any myself but I'd like to just use the ones other people make lol

DarXyde309d ago

I think they're just wallpapers as opposed to themes. It's a move in the right direction so I can't complain. Maybe we'll see full theme changes with 6.00.

WeAreLegion308d ago

You could already do this with Google Photos through the web browser though.

Neonridr308d ago

now thousands of people can have naked ladies as their background.. :P

UltraNova308d ago

Ohhhh bliss and satisfaction all in a digital 300mb-ish firmware package...

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manabyte77309d ago

By “Custom Wallpapers” are we talking about just still images or full fledged themes? The PS3 actually had a tool from Sony that allowed you to have make a completely custom dynamic theme, including movie clips for the background, custom icons, custom background music, and custom sounds effects for cursor movement. Can anyone with the beta confirm what we’re getting here?

FullmetalRoyale309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

In the article it says you can use an image on your usb drive as your wallpaper. The information is right in there.

manabyte77309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

I was really hoping it was more 😔. I guess Sony is protecting those theme producers that charge 3-4 bucks on the PSN store.

jaymacx309d ago

Hey, i am just happy to have a custom theme without having to buy them from ps store. This fufills my last remaining request of added features.

AspiringProGenji309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

I don’t remember an official tool from Sony to do that, but I do remember a website where you could download a lot of them

link2Dpast309d ago (Edited 309d ago )

Hands down best theme ever has been the retro Sega room. I always wished I could import it to PS4 😭😭

_-EDMIX-_309d ago

Well technically speaking you could already use a screenshots right now so I believe they mean actual themes.

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AmUnRa308d ago

Make PSN great again!!😉

Segata309d ago

I wish I could change the music on custom backgrounds.

Rachel_Alucard309d ago

I wish you could import an actual theme like PS3 had. But I know Sony would rather load up the store with thousands of crappy poorly made ones. Many of the preorder themes I've been getting from games have been literally 1 picture and nothing else.

_-EDMIX-_309d ago

Different systems and completely different architectures.

This update is allowing for custom-made themes.


Rachel_Alucard309d ago


I did read it literally just says wallpapers as in no music, icons, transitions, nothing. We've had custom wallpapers for months with screenshots you could snap from the web browser to get around it. This is nothing big

Relientk77309d ago

Custom wallpapers from USB is great. Might do that.