GameSpot: TGS 2008: Snoopy DS Hands-On

Oh, good old Charlie Brown, our wishy-washy hero of the Peanuts comic strip. Whether he is visiting Lucy for psychiatric advice, falling victim to the pull-the-football-away trick for the hundredth time, or just sighing wistfully over that unnamed red-haired girl, he represents the underdog we can all empathize with. Of course, Charlie Brown's dog is equally famous, if not moreso. Snoopy isn't just a canine, however: he's a World War I flying ace, Joe Cool, and a star of the disco floors. Square Enix's new kid-friendly Pure Dreams brand is also looking to make him the star of the Nintendo DS. GameSpot saw a trailer for this upcoming game at Square's open theater at the Tokyo Game Show, and also got a few moments of hands-on time with Snoopy DS to see just what the beagle had in store for us.

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