Strong NieR: Automata Digital Sales Drive Profits Boost for Square Enix Among Lower HD Games Sales

Yoko Taro's masterpiece NieR: Automata was cited by Square Enix as a driver of income growth for Square Enix's HD Games, despite less overall sales.

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PhoenixUp230d ago

Who knew the day would come that a title from the Drakengard franchise would be a huge profit driver for Square Enix

rainslacker229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

I'm thinking a nice Drakkengard series compilation remaster is in order.:) The games can actually be a bit of a problem to find nowadays as they didn't have huge releases. On top of that, having a system to play them on isn't always practical or wanted by a lot of people. Given the rise in exposure for the franchise, even through a spin off, could help boost it's popularity overall.

Kurisu230d ago

I'm still only at the beginning of my second play through with 9S. Need to get back to it at some point!

munchmiller230d ago

What a shocker. The game that SE basically wrote off as having little value, turned out to be one of their best income generators. Truly visionaries at SE.

Meanwhile, we get another pile of digital schlock in more Dissidia garbage. Stay sharp SE. Maybe you're comically bad business sense will be offset with another couple sleeper hits this year.

munchmiller230d ago


Don't post before your first cup of coffee kids. :o

rainslacker229d ago (Edited 229d ago )

It is amusing how their high profile games seem to face issues in critical exposure, yet some of their lower profile games which don't get much marketing tend to become rather popular.

Granted, with Nier, I think a lot of that exposure came from the developer who helped promote it. Plus, it's an awesome game and super stylish.

SenorFartCushion230d ago

Remember when SE went mad at Tomb Raider only selling 4 million copies?

Sciurus_vulgaris230d ago

Tomb Raider had high budget, it likely cost much more then Nier Automata to produce.

bigmalky230d ago

Exactly the point though. A lot of these publishers seem to believe a bigger budget = a better game.

Maybe they should stop trying to westernise or over-develop their IPs and let good developers make their games. Most Square Enix games have suffered because of it.

Deus Ex, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider (subjective, but I preffered exploration and raiding tombs, instead of killing armies of military goons), Hitman... All dumbed down at some point ti make way for graphical improvements and long development cycles to cater for mobile game additions and side projects.

I'm glad Hitman has become independent of a large publisher, and we can get back to Blood Money style innovation. (I enjoyed the last game, but episodic was kind of off-putting).

Miss_Vixen230d ago

I miss the old Squaresoft...

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